Sunday, April 05, 2009

"Manchurian Shooters"?

Go vote in the poll in today's Libertarian Enterprise. It asks the question "Do you suspect, however reluctantly, that at least some of the mass-shootings over the past two or three decades were deliberately engineered to achieve a political goal?"

I hate to be suspicious and "paranoid", but ...... How many more "Manchurian Shooters" are waiting for their signal?

The libertarian alternative

The libertarian alternative

Most people, except for the worst among us, live rather "libertarian" personal lives. At least they do as long as they want to get along with the people they encounter. They fall back on primitive authoritarian behavior patterns when dealing with the people whom they dislike or feel "superior" to. Few people tolerate being meddled with by some busy-body. Why would anyone make exceptions for busy-bodies who claim the authority to kill you unless you comply?

Most people will probably choose the libertarian alternative - living by the Zero Aggression Principle, not stealing from or coercing others - if they are aware it exists. As long as people understand that it is not OK to harm others, nor to try to thwart their self-ownership with coercion even if you wear the silly hat of government, they will take more responsibility for their own lives and stop worrying so much about the private lives of others. The good thing is that the "uncooperative" aggressors in society don't have to go along to make it work in the real-world. The ZAP allows you to ignore them until they force you to make a decision regarding them. Their act; their choice.

It is very liberating to realize that you alone are responsible for your own life. Your only obligation to other people involves not harming them and not interfering with their lives as long as they mind their own business. That frees up a lot of energy that can be better spent improving your lot in life.

Government, through "schools" and its lap-dogs in the mass media, try to make certain people are not aware of the libertarian alternative. People are trained to accept that there is only the "right" or "left" alternative; which boot do you want on your neighbor's neck until the next election? Never mind that your neighbor is being asked the same question regarding your neck.

Will you continue to fall for the deception, or will you accept your responsibilities?