Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The state disproportionately protects the bad people

The state disproportionately protects the bad people

The biggest problem I have with the state is that it protects bad people from the real consequences of their actions.

In a free society, "reputation" would probably be much more important than it is now. The reason for this is that you wouldn't be able to slide by, being protected from "freedom of association", by government "laws". Anyone would be free to associate, or not, with anyone for any reason.

That means if you act in anti-social ways, or have a job that makes you act like you have special privileges, you might just face retribution for your behavior or starve to death. That may seem harsh, but that is the way it should be.

Government short-circuits this societal-protection mechanism, to our great detriment.

Of course, the state also declares authority to regulate self defense against the predators, too, but that's another issue.

Concealed carry laws are nonsense

Concealed carry laws are nonsense

More guns in the hands of honest people makes society safer, and makes the career choice of the criminal more dangerous. That is obvious to everyone ...except for certain people who wish to do things to you which you would not allow if you were able to effectively resist. Carrying weapons concealed gives the good guy a tactical advantage over the bad guy. If the bad guys are unsure who may be carrying, they are less likely to act. They can't watch everyone all the time.

Yet "concealed carry permits" are hideous abuses of governmental authority. A free person does not need permission to exercise his or her rights. Otherwise they wouldn't be "rights" at all, but would be "privileges"; the opposite of rights. Concealed carry "laws" are also ridiculous on many rational levels.

In many places (such as New Mexico) it is "legal" to openly carry your gun on your hip, as it should be everywhere. Yet, in some of those places one simple act can turn you from a "law abiding person" into a "criminal", or even a "felon".

You can be going about your business, fully in compliance with the law (at least in free regions), wearing a gun on your hip. The simple act of putting on a jacket can then turn you into a "criminal" by concealing your gun. Sorry, but that doesn't show me that you are then a bad guy, but it certainly shows that the "law" is nonsense and those who enforce it are committing an evil act. Plus, if a gun is concealed, it means no one can see it. If they do see it, it isn't concealed. Notice the logical disconnect that is necessary in order to hassle someone over a "concealed" weapon?

Every person should be free of legal consequences for the simple human act of picking up a weapon and slipping it into a holster or a pocket before heading out for the day. Anything else only empowers the predators among us.

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