Saturday, April 11, 2009

Return to libertarianism and reject statism

Return to libertarianism and reject statism

Government has always been bad. From its earliest beginnings- in the minds of the thugs that preyed off of the labor of the tribe in exchange for not violently plundering them, while supposedly protecting this human herd from other thieves who were ethically exactly the same (whether those "others" actually existed or not)- to the 21st Century Super-Police-State, the type of person who seeks coercive control over others hasn't varied.

Fortunately, most humans have a sense of morality, though. Average, normal, non-governmental society has usually had a strongly libertarian component in healthy societies.

Where society has gone bad is where it has gotten away from libertarian principles that were normal in times past. Things like responsibility for ones actions. Individual self-reliance. Honesty, charity, love for your neighbors, and minding your own business (especially where it concerns the neighbors you may not love quite as much). The tragedy is compounded when some individuals cling to the prejudices and ignoble vengefulness that were also common in times past and use the state to wreak havoc on a historic scale.... or on a very personal one.

I hope that you will join me and make an effort to return to the libertarian principles that have fallen out of favor in our 21st century world.

Have a happy spring-rebirth holiday, whatever you wish to call it.

Voting is usually wrong

Voting is usually wrong

Voting has become a sacred ritual in our society. Anything can and will be excused as long as it wins the vote. This is disturbing.

Realize that almost nothing should ever be subject to a vote. Nothing that involves removing consensual personal choices of others. Nothing that involves coercive government approved theft (dishonestly redefined as "taxation"). The only legitimate votes should involve "would you like to be involved with this, and personally pay a part of the expense?" Anything else is not subject to majority wishes.

If every person on earth, except for one, voted to "tax" the one remaining holdout for ... say 10% of his earnings, it would still be just as wrong as if that one man decided unilaterally to "tax" every other person on the planet for 10% ( or 0.0000000....0001%) of their earnings. Mob rule doesn't make anything right.

The only legitimate type of vote is where a group wants to decide something innocuous, like the color they will paint a wall which they all pitched in to build. So, they vote. The most votes go to "white", so those who do not agree to the results do not have to participate in buying the paint or in painting it. If they wish, like if there was an understanding beforehand that the fence would be painted "brown" or left natural, they could even ask to be paid for the time and effort spent building the fence, since they lost the vote.

Voting to determine how much of someone's money will be taken, who will tell them how to live, how their rights will be violated, or what they may do in the privacy of their own homes is never right. In fact, it is one of the most common, and destructive, forms of evil there is.

Here's another way of looking at the practice of voting: link