Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax day thoughts

Tax day thoughts

This so-called "tax day" only matters more than other days (as far as theft-by-government is concerned) if you forget that government steals 87% of the production of the people it claims as its own. You are stolen from under the guise of "taxes, fees, licenses, permits, and fines" every day of the year, not just on the day you are told to write them one of the checks.

Why do people brag about paying "their" taxes? Why is it good to cooperate with your mugger if he calls himself a "tax collector"? Why defend a thief if he is employed by the government?

Is there a TEA Party near you? Lend them your support, and maybe remind them of the truth of the matter. All taxation, even for those things you like, and advocated by those politicians you may support, is THEFT.

What good is freedom if you don't use it?

What good is freedom if you don't use it?

People have a lot of perfectly good freedoms they never use. I am not talking about rights, but freedoms that government still "allows" you to "legally" exercise.

You have the freedom to educate yourself about anything that interests you by reading books or the internet. It will undoubtedly get you put on some "lists", but realize you are probably on a few regardless.

You have the freedom to travel and associate with other people. Now, I admit that the state is trying hard to kill this freedom, but for the most part it is largely intact. At least if you can avoid the highwaymen who lie in wait to accost you on your journey and rob you, or kill you if you resist.

You have the freedom to grow your own food, and even tobacco. You can avoid paying taxes "legally" by reducing your need for money. Remember that the government usually considers an even trade to be a taxable profit all around. Just like when you trade hours of your life for money (a "job"). So trade quietly.

Here in New Mexico and many other states, you have the freedom to openly wear a gun on your hip. Some enforcers willfully cling to their ignorance about this legal freedom and will attack you for exercising it. Watch them as a wise man would watch a rabid skunk.

You also have the freedom to buy gold and silver in order to prepare for the day when US dollars are no more than fancy toilet paper. Actually, that day is already here; only held at bay by the delusion that government's promises have worth. Trade those FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) for something a lot better while you still can.

There are also freedoms that may be "illegal", but the chances of being kidnapped or held up at gunpoint (by the enforcers of the state) for exercising them is slim. Since Examiner writers are not supposed to encourage "illegal acts", I'll let you think of those on your own. I'll bet you can. I'd be willing to bet that you are already exercising a few of them.

You can have all the freedom in the world, but if you insist on acting like a slave, you are a slave. While you still can, live free out in the open. Right under the noses of the tyrants, enforcers, and other minions of the state. Some day you may wish you had.