Thursday, April 16, 2009

You can't miss what you think you have

You can't miss what you think you have

A common comment I have heard from others who care deeply about freedom is that they are shocked at how few other people seem to care. Why do libertarians feel like they are talking to a brick wall when we try to get another person passionate about freedom?

Most people would claim they prefer freedom to slavery, even while they polish their chains. The reason freedom isn't more important to more people is because they have been lied to for so long by so many and told they are free. You can't miss something if you think you have it.

Look how often we are told by the mainstream media and the government (those siblings of slavery) that we are free. Whether it is MSNBC on the "left" or FOX News on the "right", the only difference is in the particular flavor of slavery they are promoting and which lies they will tell you, or which truths they will hide, about your benevolent "leaders". I mean, the government even goes to the trouble of establishing "free speech zones" for us when the president is in town, don't they?

Until people understand that ALL rights belong to everyone, everywhere, at all times, no matter what the regional Rulers might claim, they will not care enough about freedom to do something about it.

This reminds me of my "parable of the Fire-Ant bed":

Each government must convince its subjects that their country is the best
there is, otherwise the people might decide to make some changes. Change rarely
bodes well for rulers.

Blind fools often say idiotic things like "Love it or Leave it!" Wiser
voices say "Love it and Keep Improving it!" It is often said by government
sympathizers that "America is the best, most free, country on Earth." Perhaps,
but there is always room for improvement.

Imagine you are standing in a bed of fire ants. While looking east you see
a crater filled with lava. You should be very grateful that you are not in the
lava. If you only look toward the east, you might truly believe that your
situation is the best that there can be. All the while, west of you, is a green
meadow filled with Twinkies and butterflies (or your pleasures of choice). If
you are surrounded by a chorus of voices telling you that your fire ant bed is
the best place there is, and that you are Utopian or stupid for thinking that
there might be a better life, you may believe it.