Friday, April 17, 2009

Statism is childish in the worst way

Statism is childish in the worst way

Statism is rude and childish. It demands that everyone play according to the "one size fits all" rules it imposes, whether they want to or not, and no matter if it is in their best interest or not.

Statism is selfish. It doesn't consider the impact it has on others. It truly doesn't care if it inconveniences or harms you. It always wants "something for nothing", not caring that the "something" is stolen from the rightful owners, and "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch".

Statists don't doubt the legitimacy of government; only the legitimacy of government when it isn't being used the way they want it used. Any power the government uses for their benefit is OK; any power the government uses to their detriment is bad. Taxation isn't "wrong" unless it is used for things they don't like. Statists are easily trapped by their inconsistencies.

Just look at the statists - the authoritarians - surrounding you if you doubt me. Whether they call themselves "left" or "right"; "Republican" or "Democrat"; look how they fit into this description all too well. In the few places where they vary from the description it is because they have chosen to adopt libertarian views, although they are not likely to admit it.

Libertarianism is the grown-up philosophy. It recognizes that life is never perfect, but a life of freedom is the closest humans can get. Libertarianism respects people. We realize that our own decisions have real-world consequences that we must deal with and that we must protect ourselves from the bad decisions of others. We are adult enough to know we have no right to demand that anyone else make what we consider "the right choice" nor do we allow others to make that demand of us.

Libertarianism recognizes that people are free to make their own choices and their own mistakes. Libertarians don't "take liberties", they give liberties by recognizing the basic human right to live as you see fit as long as you harm no one else. Libertarianism doesn't whine when consequences come due and there is a bill to pay. We don't demand to have others pay our bill for us by "taxing" them. We don't excuse those who do, either. Libertarians don't think that because some people are bad, giving some a chance to have great power over others will protect the innocent from the bad, and make a better world. That would be delusional.