Saturday, June 06, 2009

Supporting the state because of ignorance, denial, or lack of ethics

Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner: Supporting the state because of ignorance, denial, or lack of ethics

Believe it or not, I am very patient with those who support the state out of ignorance. They are just trying to deal with their own lives and just haven't the time to think about what they are really supporting. Most of them have only a fleeting awareness of the events of the world; their own lives are too demanding of their time and attention. That is perfectly understandable. I would love to see a world where it was safe to ignore politics completely. I know this isn't such a world yet.

I am somewhat less patient with those who know better, but are deep in denial. The truth is painful to these people and they really want to think the best of "their" government. They keep being shocked when government does what governments are born and bred to do. They keep thinking that "the right people", if elected, can turn things around. What do they think voters have been trying to do, without success, since 1776? Do they think the rest of the voters want to turn America into a giant slave-labor camp to serve the masters in Washington, District of Corruption?

The ones I have almost no patience with, and really have all but given up on, are those who see what is going on, and LIKE it. These are the people who claim there are still "good cops" out there in spite of clear evidence to the contrary*; claim that all the wars (and "wars") of the 20th century (and beyond) are justified; say really ignorant things about America being "a nation of laws"; generally support anything the government does as long as it does as long as it is done to someone else. These are the politically aware people who still support the state anyway. There just is no way to excuse that. Some of these people are the ones who will gladly hand you over to the state if they know you have violated a counterfeit "law". These are the ones who always ask "what did they do to deserve it?" when cops abuse or murder someone "in the line of duty". These are the people who get touchy if you make a completely justified comparison of the current American police state to famous 20th century police-states of the fascist or socialist variety, often by incorrectly invoking "Godwin's Law". This is the only way they think they can win, since the truth is not on their side. What more can you say to such people?

*If there are still "good cops", why do they not deal with the "bad apples" like the rabid dogs they are? Do they not realize that these "bad apples" spoil the whole barrel and endanger all their lives? When Cory Maye was arrested, where were the "good cops" to point out that a thug is a thug is a thug, and if you kick in someone's door you deserve to be shot as you enter? When Oscar Grant was murdered by a cop, why didn't the other "good cops" in his presence immediately arrest or shoot his badged murderer? Where were the "good cops" when Kathryn Johnston or Sean Bell needed them? In case after case, these "few bad apples" commit mayhem and murder in the presence of other officers and survive to do it again. (And this doesn't even count the cases where the victim survives.) Why, IF there are "good cops", do these "bad apples" not get taken down by their "brother officers"? If it is because of "the system", how could a "good person" become a part of such a corrupt system?.