Thursday, June 11, 2009

The aftermath of the revolution (video)

The aftermath of the revolution (video)

Well, that was interesting.

I knew posting the "Four Stages of Revolution" video would be controversial, but wasn't prepared for how controversial. First of all, I didn't make the video, so don't blame me for the content if you didn't like it. Everyone has their own tastes and opinions. I liked it. Second, I don't advocate going out and attacking anyone, not even tyrants, under normal circumstances. However, if you say that violent resistance is off-limits no matter what, we part ways... amicably on my part, if you let me.

I do agree with most of what was shown in the video. Yes, some of the revolutionaries shown were despicable people, however that was addressed in Part 2. Watch Part 2 again if you need to. "Collateral damage", when referring to innocent people, is absolutely unacceptable and inexcusable. If one innocent is harmed, you are no better than the tyrants you fight. One. That is the difference between "us" and the state; let's keep it that way. Government buildings and infrastructure are a different matter. In the case of revolution becoming necessary, many of these things will be commandeered by the agents of the state and off-limits to us mere mortals anyway, at least the non-collaborator mere mortals, so any objections will be moot.

I thought it was explained quite well in the video that it is necessary to let the tyrants know that if we choose to fight back violently, it will be because it is morally right to do so when left no choice. It may not be morally imperative. You always have the option of lying down and dying quietly, if that is your preference. There are many things that are your right to do, but are not smart to do. In most cases, violent revolution is in this category. Sometimes there is really no option, smart or not. If the tyrants know they can push us into that corner, and do so with no repercussions, why would they hesitate? What would you have done if you were one of those in the Warsaw Ghetto? Submit? Complain that you wouldn't want to turn any possible "allies" against you by killing the enemies? They were acting "legally" after all. We are not there yet, but unless you accept that you may be called upon to actively and violently resist, we will be there someday.

What is the difference in violently responding to an attack by a free-lance gang and violently responding to an attack by an officially sanctioned gang? Self defense is self defense. Your chances of coming out alive are probably better when going against the free-lancers, simply by virtue of the math. Millions more will back up the official thugs. Yet, at the moment of the attack, it is better to fight for your life in that battle and let future battles take their turn.

I have always believed it is better to ignore the state and its goons if possible. Ignore its "laws" when you can. Minimize contact with its operatives and supporters. Shun its murderers (FBI, BATFE). But I also believe that when cornered it is time to fight like a rabid wildcat.