Friday, June 12, 2009

Some folk just don't get it

Some folk just don't get it

Here's a little tale. A tale of denial or obliviousness; maybe both. It is, unfortunately, true.

A young couple, just starting out, is scrimping and saving on important things like food, while spending lavishly on things like $300 sunglasses. She won't let her house mate ride public transportation (not a bad thing, mind you, being financed coercively) to save money because it would be "embarrassing" to the family. None of anyone else's business under normal circumstances. Until...

In order to be able to make ends meet, they apply for food stamps.

Another person, not me, becomes incensed upon hearing the woman bragging about their "smart shopping" with the stolen money, and raises objections. He says "I am paying for your food. Money is taken out of my paycheck every payday to pay for your food stamps!"

Shocked upon hearing this, the woman says: "No, We are just trying to save money". Where did her family go wrong in raising this woman to be responsible for herself? Well, there is more relevant information. Her dad is another kind of tax parasite- a cop- so obviously she has no awareness that every dollar that comes from government must first be stolen from the productive people around her. One generation of tax parasite breeds another.