Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pledging allegiance

Pledging allegiance

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the
Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all."

Um. No.

Even if you discount the socialistic parentage, and Nazi stepchildren, of the Pledge of Allegiance, really reading it should disturb anyone. Pledging allegiance to a flag; a banner made of cloth? "Allegiance" is loyalty or the obligation of loyalty, or devotion. To a flag? What is this flag demanding you do with this "obligation of loyalty"? Invade foreign lands and kill in its name, or in the name of its government? Torture people because you can't prove they are guilty? Violate the rights of the people who blindly worship this banner in order to protect the illegitimate power of the government that waves the banner to distract the people from its real actions? It's disgusting.

The hand-wringing drama over "God" being added to the pledge during the panicky 1950s is not the foundational problem. The Constitution, not the flag, was the basis of the "Republic", but that is a historical curiosity now, isn't it.

No "nation" has ever been, or ever will be, "indivisible" nor should they be. Circumstances change. People change. Divorce happens for a reason. Governments grow ever more corrupt, then they dissolve. As they should. "Forever stamps"? Ridiculous. No government has ever lasted forever, and none ever will. Good riddance to them all.

Liberty? Tell that to people forced to be corralled in "free speech zones" to avoid subjecting politicians to the truth. Justice for all? Try telling that to the millions of political prisoners in America who have harmed no one, but violated some counterfeit "law" against intoxicants, consensual sex, guns, or keeping their own property out of the hands of the federal thieves who "tax".

America was supposed to be united states of America, not this federal perversion of The United States of America. Constitutionally, if you care about such things, there should be no such entity in existence that this pledge is declaring your loyalty to.

At the risk of being hated I will say: I pledge NO allegiance, to any flag, not even of the former America. And of the republic for which it stood: now an empire under surveillance, launching attacks against liberty and justice for all.