Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bulldoze the public schools and sow salt upon the ruins*

Bulldoze the public schools and sow salt upon the ruins*

As the inimitable Anne Cleveland has pointed out on several occasions, "public schools" are based upon socialism, so it is no wonder that Americans now fully embrace socialism without ever realizing what they are doing. They will complain about socialism in others while practicing it in their own lives. Public "free education", which is neither, has numbed them to reality and blinded them to the truth.

Even if it were necessary to hold children hostage in an authoritarian hell-hole to force them to learn, it would still be wrong. Children and teenagers (who are not "children", no matter how much the control-freaks wish they were) do not need to be trained to regulate their lives and bodily functions to a rigid, bell-enforced schedule. They do not need to be searched like inmates when they show up in the morning. They do not need to be subjected to the imbecilic "drug warriors" of the local LEO hive. They don't need to be punished, nor do their parents, if they decide it is not in their best interest to continue showing up in these mini concentration camps five miserable days a week, nine months a year for twelve (or more) long years.

The fact that it isn't necessary, and even gives the majority of kids a life-long aversion to anything they see as remotely educational, makes it completely evil. "Public schooling" has degraded to nothing less than compulsory statist brain-washing. It needs to end. Immediately! Education is much too important to leave to government. Our progeny and their minds are much too important to allow statist propaganda to damage.

*The headline is an admonition borrowed and paraphrased from L. Neil Smith