Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harold Koh- Playing by the 'global rules'

Harold Koh- Playing by the 'global rules'

I got an email alert from Gun Owners of America (a much better gun rights organization than the quislings at the NRA, in my opinion) concerning the nomination of Harold Hongju Koh to the State Department. According to GOA, Mr. Koh:

who served at the State Department under the Clinton administration, is a
self-described "trans-nationalist" who believes that our laws -- and our
Constitution -- should be brought into conformity with international agreements.
"If you want to be in the global environment, you have to play by the global
rules," Koh told a Cleveland audience.

Really? So if everyone else jumped off a cliff into molten lava Mr. Koh would do it too? Or would he just push you and me over the edge? What if "the global rules" are wrong (as sensible people suspect)? Does Mr. Koh only like the "global rules" if they conform to his socialist, genocide-enabling agenda? Like the widespread global epidemic of illegitimate governments which violate the right of all people to own and to carry guns?

There is only one "global rule": Do not attack or steal from the innocent. Let's bring all governments into conformity with that one before we worry about anything else. Of course, that would mean abolishing all government at every level until only self-government is left. So, let's get to it.

Diversity is supposed to be such a good thing. One size does not fit all, Mr. Koh. Let me be free to find my own way, and you can be free to jump into molten lava. OK?