Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Obama birth certificate diversion

The Obama birth certificate diversion

So, is Obama an "American citizen" or is he not? In light of his actions, this question is completely irrelevant. I couldn't possibly care any less than I already do. The entire concept of "citizen" is revolting to me anyway, as no individual belongs to any government. Where a person was born or what government papers he has to "prove it" are absolutely meaningless. What baby has ever threatened you? Where he was born doesn't leave a "scar" of any kind. Where a person grows up, and his experiences after birth, have complete bearing on who he is. What matters is what that person is doing NOW.

Obama is actively crushing freedom with every breath he takes. He is stealing more from you and me than is already being stolen by previous administrations' actions. He is directing the government to take over more of the market, including trying to destroy medical care in America (there is a rational solution that doesn't include socialism). He is passing and advocating more counterfeit "laws" that attempt to regulate or control something other than actual initiated force or theft. He is nothing but a smooth-talking mobster, and you want me to care about where he was born? Sorry, I am busy with real life.

Regardless of where Obama was born, and whether he can "prove it" or not (and don't you realize that a person who has the entire US government at his disposal could have any "official" papers created for him any time he wanted?), he has enough worshipers and followers that they would protect him from any repercussions no matter what. Face the reality: Obama is really no worse, or better, than either of the Bush goons, Clinton, or even that monster, Lincoln. He is a parasite who is just using you for his own enrichment and power. Focus on the things in plain site that can't be denied, manufactured, or believably lied about. Don't lose sight of the real threats.

Of course, any issue that makes Obama supporters scream like a "stuck pig" when mentioned, barking orders to drop the subject immediately and think of it no more, must have some psychological merit.

PS: For those who still believe the Constitution can save us or is even still relevant, I would point you to a previous article.

Disappearing freedoms are being noticed by more people

Disappearing freedoms are being noticed by more people

More and more people are realizing that their freedoms are being taken away by government at all levels, and more and more people are starting to do something about it. Some of the actions are a little misguided; some are a bit random. The fact that these things are being done at all proves there is a growing unrest. It would be nice if this unrest began to coalesce into a real change.

On one hand there are the grumpy "conservatives" who have no problem with coercive government as long as it is their side wielding the coercion. That Obama was coronated instead of their zombie sticks in their craw like a block of chalk. This is what I see in a lot of the TEA party activists. I would like to be mistaken about this, but even the acronym TEA ("Taxed Enough Already") seems to indicate a willingness to have some amount stolen from themselves and others. That is just wrong. If you wish to hand over your own money to the state, go right ahead. If you wish to force others to do the same you are advocating theft.

Then there are those who are only concerned about their particular "pursuit of happiness" being regulated away by government. They are fine with "laws" that harm others as long as they are left alone. Unfortunately, many gun owners fall into this category. There are some shining exceptions, however. There are plenty of examples from the other side of the authoritarian end of the stick as well.

A majority of people don't consider the stupidity of having a standing army occupying our cities, towns, and countryside until one of their friends is the target of a power-crazed abuser. This may be changing. More people are beginning to awaken to the fact that the policeman is NOT your friend. Ever. The evidence is overwhelming and shocking. Cops are the new "stranger with candy", and much more of a real threat than your mom's mostly-imaginary boogeyman ever was, since almost every incident is "justified" or found to be "within department guidelines". Not a smart policy at all, but their conscious choice.

Even as the number of aware people grows, so does the devotion and fervor of the worst state worshipers. Many statists just can't imagine that anyone would really not buy into their "safety net" metaphor. Ask the fish how "safe" that net really is. These statists fear freedom more than anything else, and will do anything to crush it while preaching that tyranny is "freedom". Maybe their delusional numbers are shrinking even as government grows bigger and more intrusive. Time will tell.

In the meantime, many are through backing up!