Sunday, August 02, 2009

Military truths hurt

Military truths hurt

Don't dare speak the truth where the military is concerned. Your point will be ignored while "patriots" use the opportunity to denigrate you personally. I learned this lesson long ago, yet still speak out when I feel it is important to point out a hard truth. I am either stubborn, or love to be abused.

A military "murder-by-remote control" story in the local paper caused me to speak up yet again. The sad thing is that I didn't even really speak out against the program or its pawns; I only pointed out a basic flaw in the thinking of the quoted official.

It is disturbing to me that "bravery" and "honor" have come to be measured by how willing a person is to attack others. This doesn't seem at all "brave" or "honorable" to me, but cowardly and despicable. To me, real bravery is having the principles to wait until you are attacked, or credibly threatened, before acting in face-to-face self defense. Self defense is honorable. Sending robots to do your killing for you is not.

There is a glaring discrepancy buried in such military actions. The military can use machines to remotely go to other people's homes and kill them. Yet, if I rig a shotgun to the door of my own home to kill an intruder, I would be charged with murder. I am not even rigging the burglar's house, but my own. Where is the sense in that?

On second thought, speak the truth about the military at every opportunity. By their comments you will know who can't be trusted.