Thursday, August 06, 2009

More freedom, starting today

More freedom, starting today

I am going to make an assumption. If you are a regular reader of this column, I will assume you are at least somewhat interested in individual liberty, and are not an enthusiastic parasite wanna-be.

So, what can you do, today, to start living your freedom?

First, I would suggest "divorcing" the state. If you ever "married" it in the first place, that is. "Common law marriages" between you and any governmental branch that you didn't actually agree to are nothing more than "implied consent" and are meaningless. The state is an intruder which moved into your home and decided to stay. Being nice, you didn't kick it out immediately, and now it seems uncomfortably rude to do so. Get over it. Stop feeling loyalty to the state. Stop defending its indefensible aggression. Where there is no "relationship" there is no such thing as "cheating".

If you have a job working directly for any government entity I recommend that you quit. I realize that some will tell you that you might do some "good" from your position. I think the harm outweighs the good, especially the harm to your psyche. Stop giving government an air of legitimacy by its association with you, and stop depending upon stolen money to buy your groceries.

Start making the default assumption that anyone involved in an altercation with any enforcer is probably innocent, and instead assume that the enforcer is the attacker. This is more realistic and the assumption will serve you well.

If possible, shun those who continue to work for government. No matter if they are on your city council or on the Supreme Court, their job is causing harm to the cause of freedom. If they wear a badge, then they are the foot-soldiers in the "War on Freedom". The cops are being taught during their training that the equation is "Us vs. Them"; we can learn that lesson as well. Take it to heart.

Start exploring gray market opportunities, and even the black-market where your principles do not clash with the activity. You will need these skills sooner or later, and it is good to start making connections and learning the ropes before it is truly necessary. This also helps starve the state of "tax" money. Just remember to mind your own business, and as long as someone is not harming the innocent, they are within their rights, even if what they do offends you.

Avoid, but don't worry about, governments. They are not omnipotent or omniscient. They are also doomed. Learn whom to trust and who is a toady for the state. You may get clues in many ways, including this observation from Will Grigg: "(T)he TV series a kind of authoritarian pornography for the badge-licker population." These are the people who may turn you in for a pat on the head. Keep them in the dark about your life.

Do what you can, and don't wallow in guilt for the things you can't change right now. It is your life. Take it back.