Monday, August 10, 2009

This ain't your father's AK-47

This ain't your father's AK-47

My most recent crazy idea can be found in a letter to The Libertarian Enterprise. After reading the short description, browse around for a while. You will learn something.

Briefly, my idea is for a flintlock "AK-47". Would it be better to have a REAL, fully functional, AK-47? Of course it would. The psychological value alone is quite high, since few other guns upset the hoplophobes as much. There is no logic to their reaction, of course, but it can be fun to watch.

Still, if you live in one of those freedom-destroying cities and don't wish to break even counterfeit "laws", this could be a fun option for you. A way of flipping the authoriturds your "digitus impudicus". I'm sure that the localities which try to forbid toy guns would frown on a flintlock of any kind as well, as the recent incident in Bloomberg's own private prison demonstrates. Find your freedom where you can and, as long as you don't harm the innocent, have fun with it.

Stalled Projects

I keep having all these ideas that I would like to pursue, but they all crash into the wall of "no money". I realize this is no one's fault but my own. I do wish my ideas and "talents" were valuable enough to bring in sufficient money to allow me to follow through properly with a few of these projects. So far the realities of the market have shown that my ideas and talents are mostly valuable to me alone. My tastes seem to be outside the norm.

The one project I have completed is the Time's Up flags. They ended up costing me. If I could have afforded to have a few thousand made, they would have been inexpensive enough to sell well. I am down to the last two flags now, and am not sure when, or if, there will be any more.

The one idea that irritates me the most is the Silver Dubloon. This is also the one project I still lose sleep over. Once I get something in my head it is very hard to move on until it becomes reality. The rising price of silver, plus the need for me to pre-sell close to 500 of them, derailed this one. Someday......

There is also my childrens' book. If it is to be published, I will probably need to self-publish. I would also like to put my blog posts and Examiner columns into book form someday. I doubt I will have time to organize and edit them into a coherent whole while I am still writing them, though.

Just last week I had another idea. This time for a flintlock AK-47. Is this a practical idea? I don't know. It would be very functional, interesting, and pretty (in my opinion). I'd love to have it in my hands.

I even have other ideas that are much less well-developed. Just phantoms of ideas haunting my brain without defined form. So far. Maybe one of these will break through one day and be a hit.