Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The disease called 'government'

The disease called 'government'

I view government as a disease. A very deadly disease which killed over 170 million* people in the 20th century alone. Even if a deadly disease like government has a couple of beneficial side effects it is still deadly and is not worth the pain and death it causes. Especially when the pain and death is inflicted on those who are forcibly infected against their will. People should be aware of the costs of government, and then be free to make their own choices. Like smoking and cliff diving.

Obviously government is a disease which many people still think is a wonderful thing. Some point to supposed "benefits" to those afflicted. That is dishonest. Sickle-cell disease is said to confer a bit of resistance to malaria. In certain, very specific, conditions that could be seen as a limited benefit, however, in general it is not a good enough reason and we shouldn't try to find ways to make sure everyone only gives birth to children with sickle-cell disease. Yet, this is what advocates of government are doing when they make dubious claims about the benefits of their favorite social disease, and insist that no one be allowed to opt out. Find cures for, or treat, diseases- don't search for reasons to spread them.

While I sympathize with minarchists, to a point, I don't agree with them in their conclusions. Government is malignant. You can't allow even a tiny bit to remain without the certainty of it spreading again. How much cancer is the best amount to give yourself? Government is also a poison. How much cyanide do you think is best to add to your food?

If people still wish to participate in government or other deadly endeavors, that is their business, but they should do it with a full realization of what it truly is they are supporting. They should not be allowed to force that aggression upon others any more than any other rapist would be. If they choose to try to force government on others anyway, they should do so with a complete awareness that those of us who know coercion is wrong will push back from now on.

*The number keeps being revised higher. I forget the latest estimate, but it is now over 200 million and still climbing. And this doesn't count government troops killed.