Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11- Governments lie

9/11- Governments lie

This is one of those subjects that I expect to be criticized for even mentioning. Almost everyone seems to call anyone who doesn't completely agree with them on this topic all kinds of nasty names. Maybe no one will read this and I'll avoid the usual fate.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories concerning the events of September 11, 2001. Regardless of what those on both sides say, you and I will never know the absolute truth of exactly what happened on those planes or in the destroyed buildings- or anywhere else we weren't. Never. Not unless time travel becomes possible (don't hold your breath) and you can personally go watch the events for yourself with no interference. And even then, how could you ever be sure that people with their own time machine and an agenda haven't meddled before you got there? Enough with the fantasy scenario.

The fact that so many people doubt the government version of events shows that a lot of people recognize the simple fact that government employees will lie to protect the status quo, or to advance the cause of a more powerful government- every time they get the opportunity. Governments always lie to the boss. As an aside- That "boss" would be anyone in the country who is not a politician or a bureaucrat. The most pitiful and hopeless homeless guy sleeping off a drinking binge under the bridge outranks any congresscritter or president that has ever existed. Everyone who works for government should be reminded of that fact of life at every opportunity. Now, back to the point.....

At a bare minimum it is true that without the US government's meddling and bullying, the attacks of "9/11" would never have occurred. How much farther the guilt goes is forever lost to the past, and will forever be subject to speculation and fraud. But I hope people never stop digging.

Whether there is any truth to the "9/11 Truth" movement or not, it is absolutely essential to freedom to suspect government of complicity in everything that could possibly be its fault. You must know, if you are paying attention, that governments lie. If you have a known pathological liar in your life, it is healthier to distrust every word he utters, until verified by you, than it is to take his words at face value. He may be telling the truth occasionally, but you can't take the chance. So it is with government. Government is a lying axe-murderer with rabies in your bed. Trust it at your own peril.

On a different note: Speaking of "Angry freedom-lovers".... from the War on Guns blog comes news of this "libertarian punk/industrial band"- Right Arm of Wyoming. Not exactly my type of ear candy, but maybe yours. Of course, I don't know that they are really angry, but it sort of sounds like it. Support the good guys out there.

Angry freedom-lovers

Angry freedom-lovers

I was wrong. I have learned that more liberty advocates than I had suspected are indeed angry. I do not claim that the anger is not justified; obviously, in the current US police state, it most certainly is. I think anger, in my own life, is normally counterproductive, but perhaps that is an indication that I can't handle anger as well as some others can.

This isn't to say there are no situations where anger, if channeled, could be useful. Let's pretend for a moment that I am a freelance thug who has foolishly targeted MamaLiberty. If I am an imminent threat to her life or property, a burst of anger on her part, as she draws her gun, could shock me enough to make me back off and leave her alone. As long as her anger didn't trigger a reciprocal blind anger in me that could be the end of it. If I persist, I expect she would just shoot me. As well she should.

On the other hand, in an encounter with a state thug, I would not expect anger to be very helpful- unless your goal is to simply survive the encounter now, and deal later with the legions of state thugs that will be sent to punish you for your lack of grovelling "slave-itude".

If I become angered during online discussions and conversations I often delay responding until my anger has cooled. It isn't always easy, but it always results in a better response. It is rare for me to get really angry over online nonsense and name-calling, though. I am more likely to just stop paying attention to someone I feel has decided to try to make me mad instead of engaging me in debate. I figure they are acting this way because they know they have lost.

My personal observation is that when I encounter an angry person, online or in person, I never change my mind about my opinion (or theirs) due to their anger, and I tend to discount anything else they say. I am likely to see them as a lunatic who can't be reasoned with, and write them off. There are not enough of us working for freedom as it is. Let's not drive away potential allies if it can be avoided.