Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Using government to your 'benefit'

Using government to your 'benefit'

Would it be possible to solve or prevent a problem using government? Of course. You would need to call theft "taxation" and kidnapping "arrest" in order to hide the reality of your action.

In some cases, it would require you to call rape a "blood test". It doesn't make it right, though. The end does not justify the means IF you have principles.

Look at this in a slightly different way. If a certain apartment building in town has a high population of freelance thugs, or peaceful people who do governmentally-unapproved things, you could trap everyone inside and burn it to the ground in order to reduce the local "crime rate". (That reminds me of the exact same action, with a different string of excuses, committed by unbelievably evil people.) You would need to call the arson and all your murders some other dishonest name in order to avoid the reality of what you have done. Or, say you want your neighbor's wife... you could kill him so she would be free to be with you. Still evil, but your problem is "solved", right?

Well, using government to get what you want is the same sort of unethical act. It is wrong. You can't ever do real good by using evil means. That includes reducing "drunk driving deaths", "drug" use, child pornography, "illegal immigration", or whatever the statist cause of the day happens to be.

That is why, no matter that others think it would "help" me, I won't use government. The cost is too high.