Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Driving is a right, not a privilege

Driving is a right, not a privilege

It's hard to take back the freedom to exercise a right once it has been violated by government. The longer society has allowed the violation to continue, the harder it is to break through the brainwashing and correct the situation. Like driving a car. The lying liars in government have made most people accept that "driving is a privilege". It is most assuredly not.

The LEOs and their handlers are the worst about trying to pass off this lie. Of course they want you to believe the lie; that is where they steal most of their money and assert the most draconian control. If those in government can license you and register your vehicle, they can keep you from traveling when they decide it is not in their best interest. They have built a "Berlin Wall" around each of us while we applauded them.

Many otherwise rational people have bought into the lie, often parroting the state's line for them. This most often comes in the form of "Driving isn't a right, like gun ownership is". Both are absolute human rights, as is anything else that doesn't violate the equal rights of other people. Don't assist the state in its deceit, but point out the fallacy every time it is uttered.

Travel, by car, is not a luxury for most of us. It is a necessity. Because of the state's monopoly over the roads, we who travel have no choice but to use roads the state "maintains" and controls. A choice made while looking down the barrel of a gun is not freely entered into; it is not a binding agreement. The state thugs claim that your acceptance of a "driver's license" indicates you have agreed to be subject to anything they wish to do to you while you travel. So be it. That means it is time to stop submitting to the license, doesn't it.

This shows that anytime government tries to convince you to accept any limitation on any right, even the most "reasonable" limitation, they are doing it in order to harm you. They will use their newfound authority to control you, steal from you, harass you, and even kill you. Don't give an inch. Not one more. In fact, it is long past time to start regaining lost ground and start telling the aggressors of the state where to go.