Sunday, September 20, 2009

"You're WHAT?!?" Eek-Yay?

I just found out I am going to be a grandfather in an uncertain number of months... less than 9, though.

Am I not too young? I don't feel grandfatherly. I have a 2-year-old daughter. Of course, my older daughter lives 700 miles away and neither of us has the finances (or reliable transportation) to be traveling back and forth. But, really. I'm sort of in shock.

Unreasonable demands on freedom

Unreasonable demands on freedom

People place demands and conditions on freedom that they never consider placing on its opposite: government. Some want to hear a detailed explanation of how they could easily handle every possible situation that might come up in their life, no matter how unlikely, before they will accept that freedom in their own life would be possible.

This is bizarre behavior. Under the current statism there are unexpected events happening every day. How can anyone really think that depending on the state keeps unexpected situations from occurring, or protects them when they do happen? Can they not solve anything on their own- do they need someone else to direct their every action? No. They handle most things just fine with no government guidance, they are just afraid of losing the "big daddy" who stands behind them. They are delusional to think he stands behind them as a protector. That isn't "daddy", that is an obtrusive, abusive, kidnapper who only claims to be a father.

No freedom advocate claims that freedom is perfect or that it will lead to Utopia. Of course, history and current events keep showing that statism is far from perfect and leads inevitably to tyranny and genocide, so I don't quite get the point of the objections.

I realize that there is a comfort in the status quo that isn't present when new territory is entered. Most people are willing to put up with a monster they know rather than step into the unknown. That is understandable, but if you block the path for those who are not so fearful you may discover that some people are willing to risk a lot, and push back, for freedom. It really is that important.

For some great reading: Visit the "Stand Up For America" blog and read this guest commentary by Warren “Bones” Bonesteel– The Rise of Extremism. Good stuff.