Monday, September 21, 2009

Why were YOU not paying attention?

Why were YOU not paying attention?

There is a pathetic tactic I have seen used time after time against those of us who value freedom. It almost seems as though those who pull it out of their hats (?) are following a script. It happens nearly anytime we freedom advocates say anything against one or another of the latest government schemes enacted or enhanced since Obama was coronated.

When those of us who are unimpressed by the latest socialist voter-bribing scheme speak out in opposition, we are usually treated to this gem: "Why weren't you speaking out like this while Bush was president?" Faced with that absurd question, all I can think of is "Why weren't you paying attention while I was speaking out against Bush's despicable acts while he was president?"

I'll tell you why the socialists didn't hear or notice: because they could only hear the chorus of their own gums flapping. If everyone is singing in harmony, you only hear that note which is discordant. Now that they are the ones busily singing their consent they can notice the notes of opposition. And they don't like it. They wrongly assume that anyone who dislikes Obama now must have been singing Bush's praises during his reign. That is a faulty assumption, and in my case couldn't be further from the truth.

Remember this, statists of whatever kind- Those of us who value individuals and their freedom don't change our minds just because the current POTUS changes. A difference which makes no difference is no different. Don't assume that we are like you. We have principles.