Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cops see what they are trained to see

Cops see what they are trained to see

What is the particular "crime wave" sweeping through your community these days? I'll bet it is whatever your local LEOs have had "special training" to combat. I'll also bet that the "crime wave" really exploded after their training was completed.

Cops find what they are trained to find. They also frequently "see" what isn't really there. "If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." If the local cops have undergone special training to catch "drunk drivers", SURPRISE! Suddenly every driver they run across is "drunk", and anyone they stop will be "tested" and harassed until they fail. (I've watched it happen with my own eyes, so don't claim it doesn't.) Or, they'll just be raped for their own good. If cops have gone to special training to find "child pornography", then suddenly everyone whom the cops wish to "get" for some reason is found to have "kiddie porn" on their computer. Coincidence? I doubt it.

I have a knack for seeing bones alongside the road, because I want to find them. Yet I have more false hits than real ones. The only downside of a false hit for me is a few wasted minutes while I check for an addition to my skull collection, and only find shattered aged PVC pipe or light-colored rocks. I think cops are the same way, yet their false hits destroy lives. Even a suspicion is enough to destroy someone no matter whether they are guilty or not.

I think it is time to train cops to see rights violations by individuals and by government and make it their job to stop those instead of instigating them. Better yet, consider "police" a 160-odd year failed experiment and send them home to find honest jobs.