Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mapping freedom

Mapping freedom

Freedom is a large, almost infinite, landscape, and to cover it all takes a mighty big map. No single person can explore it all, nor would any one person want to.

"FreedomLand" contains the territories of "Gun Rights", "Medicinal Freedom", "Sexual Enjoyment", "Property Rights", "Religious Freedom", and a multitude of other zones. Some of these zones share borders or overlap with one another. Some are on opposite sides of the map. One person can be at home in many different areas, yet may never have any interest in visiting some zones at all. That is natural and normal.

Your area of interest may overlap the area of another person's interest, but there can be two liberty-lovers whose areas have no overlap at all. It doesn't mean you area at odds, though. Only a person who is not "on the map" at all is against you. You know, someone like Obama, Bush, or just about anyone who works for government at any level. Sometimes even a cretin such as these has a point where their perpendicular philosophy of authoritarianism intersects the map of FreedomLand, because perpendicular planes can, and often do, intersect. That just means that on some particular point, they have the right idea. It doesn't mean they are right anywhere else, or that they are on the side of freedom. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but that doesn't mean that if you need to know the time you look there first. Neither does it mean that if that stopped clock agrees with your observations you should reject the information you got independently.

So grab your map, get out there, and check out the scenery. You'll like what you discover! To paraphrase a quote: "See Freedom First!"