Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pushing the freedom envelope: Here there be dragons

Pushing the freedom envelope: Here there be dragons

When writing about freedom, whether you call it "libertarianism", "self-ownership", or "anarchism", it is necessary to explore the ragged edges.

For example, I doubt anyone who understands freedom thinks slavery is a good thing anymore. Those who don't understand freedom, even if they think they do, make excuses when the slave owner is a government entity. Then euphemistic terms and contradictory mental contortions are employed to avoid acknowledging the slavery.

Then there are areas where good freedom-advocating people have differing opinions. To me it seems to normally come down to a disagreement over the concept and understanding of "initiating force". Others are unhappy with any hierarchy of any sort regardless of whether they are voluntary or not, and still others are unhappy when they think they see rights clashing or overlapping. I think the "problems" are overblown if not already solved, but just because I see these things clearly solved in my own mind doesn't mean I am right.

Whatever the problem, it is good to keep poking around those dangerous areas and risk falling off the edge. It is the only way to discover where the real boundaries lie. I will continue to stick my nose into these areas and take my bruises. I have nothing to lose and so much to gain by the exercise.

Update: I have gotten an update on the progress of the website for helping support libertarian letters-to-the-editors. Sounds like it is going to be good. Keep watching for the announcement!