Thursday, October 08, 2009

"Drunk driving" public service ads

You know those stupid draconian "Drunk driving" ads? They crop up everywhere, and the billboards I drive past make me want to grab a can of red spray paint and practice painting circles and "X"s. The TV ads just make me change channels. I don't like people to drive drunk, but I like authoritarian evil even less.

I'd like to post my own "public service announcements" aimed at those public serpents with badges and roadblocks (and syringes):

If you violate people's rights, we WILL find you. Make no mistake,
you WILL get caught, and you WILL pay for your aggression. Violate a
right; go straight to prison. It's your choice.

I know, it isn't harsh enough. Still it would make me feel better.


Instead of moving into an area already polluted with an abundance of "laws", some people are trying to start colonizing new areas to start with as blank a slate as possible. Seasteading is the most common idea. It sounds good to me, but there are some drawbacks. You would still be in the path of navies and pirates (not much real difference between the two).

I like the idea of "Blacksteading"- colonizing space. I know there are technological drawbacks to that, but there are also advantages. No governments and no pirates. Yet. There is enough room to stay out of their way when they do arrive, and plenty of resources and energy.

I'm not saying to pursue blacksteading instead of seasteading, but along with. Some things learned can be applied to both. I could see myself going either way.