Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama 'wins' Nobel Peace Prize. Cue the crickets

Obama 'wins' Nobel Peace Prize. Cue the crickets

Like a lot of people, when I heard that Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize, I paused- waiting for the punch line. I'm still waiting. The joke turned out to be that it was no joke.

If Obama is qualified to win the Nobel Peace Prize, then there are a lot more deserving prize winners out there just waiting to be recognized. I am certain I am just as qualified to win some Nobel Prize in some area. Do they offer one for "Freedom Philosophy"?

Wyle E. Coyote should win the Noble Prize for physics because of the work he has done in "gravitational delay theory".

Dr. Jekyll should win the Nobel Prize for chemistry for his selfless sacrifices and self-experimentation which pushed the boundaries of understanding the effects of chemicals on the human body and mind.

Dr. Moreau should obviously win the Nobel Prize for biology for advancing the understanding of evolutionary science.

And, for my nomination for next year's Nobel Peace Prize, check out my latest contribution to The Libertarian Enterprise.