Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama's national service corps

Obama's national service corps

Ask not what "your country" can do for you, because that is looking to benefit from theft. Ask neither what you can do for "your country" because that is helping to support an illegitimate system. Instead, practice Random Acts of Anarchy and help the individuals you run across who need to be helped, or fix problems you recognize that need to be fixed. And do it without asking governmental permission or (perish the thought) for government subsidies.

Forced "service", to individuals or to "the country", is slavery. Anyone who advocates forced "service" is advocating evil. They can dress it up in red, white, and blue and call it "patriotism", or they can wrap it in warm-fuzzies and say it is for the "common good", but slavery and collectivism under any guise is the same horror. Stalin would be proud of the propagandists of "both types" spreading his values in America today.

Obama's national service scheme is no different from requiring (or pressuring) people to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Both are reprehensible socialist propaganda to be rejected by free people. Don't give in to the peer pressure, and resist those who would enslave you.

Don't tone down the message

Don't tone down the message

I expect that this column is mostly read by people who are already convinced that freedom works in real life, and that it is the best course in all situations. People who don't believe that seem to try really hard to keep from being exposed to this dangerous idea and will probably not stumble across this column too often, although a few statists may run across it based upon a headline that piques their interest (I will admit that choosing a headline is my greatest self-acknowledged weakness).

I usually try to not say things that will immediately repel those who are not familiar with freedom, but some times, in exploring the ragged edges, it is unavoidable. After all, I am not generally talking to "freedom pre-schoolers" here, and I have no intention of dumbing down my message for those who are not yet ready for it. Winning friends and influencing people is good, but you can't let that be your only goal.

In public I try to be nice, and that is how I am normally described. When I am writing, mostly to others who love freedom, I attempt to say what I mean without toning it down. I am not talking about being rude, but about not avoiding the issues that may "scare the children".

Many statists get very upset when they run across someone saying unequivocally that taxes are theft, and war is murder. The deluded "patriots" don't like hearing that LEOs are a bigger threat to America than is Osama (or Obama). Many who believe themselves to be on the side of freedom don't like the Constitution being shown to be a relic that either caused the current governmental "slow-chaos" police state or was powerless to prevent it from happening.

Speaking your mind may not even be popular with those who mostly agree with you. You can't please all the people all the time; not even those in a select group. Some get very defensive when presented with the illegitimacy of "National Borders". Even many freedom lovers get upset over my "Bubble Theory of Property Rights", although others have expressed their support and laid out exactly, in very clear, logical fashion, why I am right, and consistent, in adhering to it. Whatever your position on any freedom-related subject, think it through carefully, then say what you mean. If you are wrong anyway, it can be sorted out later.

Instead of standing strong, we could be like the NRA and try to appease people who hate everything we stand for. It doesn't work. They will never side with us no matter how much we try to soft-peddle. There is no compromise with people who refuse to budge and insist on only making you give up your ground incrementally. It is past time to show that our predecessors gave up all the ground that the statists are ever going to win. That is a statement that will either scare the statists or cause them to laugh. Either way, they will be distracted so that we may advance.