Friday, October 16, 2009

'Public schooling' equals abuse in today's authoritarian environment

'Public schooling' equals abuse in today's authoritarian environment

"Zero tolerance" demonstrates zero intelligence. A school would do better to accept the Zero Aggression Principle as the standard of behavior and punish the initiation of force rather than punishing the possession of tools or medications. Intent is at the heart of the matter.

I do not want my kids to go out in the world without a pocketknife no matter what "the rules" may be. Pocketknives save lives and are the most basic of tools. I also don't want my kids to do without basic modern medications because someone is afraid the medications may be misused. If I trust my kids enough to send the medication with them it is none of your business. If you are that fearful, stay home and hide under your bed. And if you are that controlling, get psychological help.

Public school administrators have become a horrible lot of life-force draining zombies without brains. They expect no one else to have any brains either. School districts then add insult to injury by stealing your money to finance these monsters and their programs.

This gets to the main issue: I don't know how anyone could consent to allow their children to be kidnapped and sent off to government indoctrination camps for the majority of their childhood and adolescence. This practice is crushing creativity and individuality while building willing supporters of the state and its corrupt ways.

This should cause outrage at the "villagers with torches and pitchforks" level. That it doesn't means that good people don't really understand what is going on. The fact that good people don't understand what is going on shows how effective the indoctrination really is. Separate school and state- in your own life at least. Your kids' education is MUCH too important to leave to the government.