Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The truth hurts, but denial solves nothing

The truth hurts, but denial solves nothing

The truth may hurt and it may go against your cherished beliefs, but that doesn't change the fact that it is the truth. When you are faced with facts that you don't like, it doesn't help to attempt to reinterpret them to make yourself feel better.

As an example, "laws" are passed in vast numbers in order to avoid "anarchy", but the result is chaos. It is a slow chaos, to be sure, but it is still chaos- where logic goes out the window due to the capricious nature of the state. It is inevitable and easily observed if only people will look.

Gun control advocates would do well to look at the facts. Each and every new restriction on gun ownership or possession increases violent crime. They can try to cook the numbers to hide that fact, and they do, but they are only fooling the gullible.

Or, in my own case: The market will compensate a person according to the value they provide* to others. When I look at my own financial condition I am left with a disappointing conclusion. But facts don't lie.

When faced with a truth that is painful, you can accept it and try to adapt, or you can ignore the truth and continue down the same path.

*Don't fail to notice the large segment of the population who is compensated without regards to any real value. These are the bureaucrats, burglars, police, extortionists, judges, con men, and the president, who live off the proceeds of theft and skew the perceptions of what is "valuable".