Saturday, October 24, 2009

Freedom odds and ends

Freedom odds and ends

Here is a collection of random bits and pieces I have written or collected that don't fit anywhere else:

"Overpopulation": The problem isn't that there are too many humans on earth, the problem is that we are still in our cradle. That is crazy. It is time to force NASA and the governments of the world to step aside so that we can start crawling out of the nursery of Earth and out into our real long-term home. It is inevitable and it is essential that we do so. Soon.

Fear of anarchy in a post-governmental world: Anarchy will reign supreme (as it does in almost every area of our personal lives), and it will crowd out "chaos", since they are mutually exclusive conditions (regardless of common misconceptions). Governments are "slow chaos" that people don't seem to recognize as chaos. Anarchy is order, and can be bewilderingly fast and scary to those conditioned to accept the slow chaos of government.

Black Flag on property rights:
Property rights derive from Scarcity. If I stand "here", no one else can, since
only one 'thing' can occupy 'this' space at any one point in time. Property
rights exist to establish who has 'the exclusive use' of that space. It is a way
civilized society can organize and sustain itself. The only other way to obtain
exclusive use is to fight for it - and initiation of violence is an incredibly
de-stabilizing force on civilized society to to the point of collapse. Where
ever exclusivity is required to use a 'thing', Property rights must be invoked.
From that light, one can see where property rights are properly exercised and
where they are not.

Black markets: You don't FIND the black market; you MAKE the black market.

Some "pro-gun" politicians: If they are too stupid or evil to understand that there exists a basic human right to own and to carry whatever type of weapon we see fit, wherever we go, in any way we wish, without asking permission of anyone, ever, then they are not "pro-gun" at all, but are just debating how severely to violate your rights.

Freedom: Freedom isn't free, nor can it be purchased from or by government.


Chaos- the definition

The societal/"legal" condition where actions cease to have predictable consequences. Evil is rewarded, and honor is punished. Nothing makes sense. This is the chaos that results when "laws" make a thing both mandatory and prohibited at the same time. Rather than being due to physical laws, it is dependent upon people committing evil acts. In other words it is the result of government.

(This is separate from the mostly benign but sometimes annoying scientific "chaos" where Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle combines with a lack of "all the facts" and "unseen initial conditions" leading to unpredictable outcomes.)