Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who achieves what?

Who achieves what?

I got a comment on an earlier post that I thought I'd share, since it probably won't be seen otherwise. I shouldn't give the commenter the honor of calling attention to his comments, but they illustrate the poor reasoning skills of some people so clearly.

This person, calling himself "john jones", says

Your approach, to avoid politics and live in a paranoid fantasy, is no solution
at all. I'm sorry to read that you have kids, and that you are doing your best
to warp their minds. I feel sorry for them and for you. Your approach will
achieve nothing. You remind me of the character Dale from King of the Hill, but
in real life that is not funny. It is just sad. So, so sad.

First of all, I didn't say it is wrong to engage in politics, just that it has a poor track record for increasing freedom in any meaningful way. Can a person be aware of history and not recognize this fact? I also said that if "political action" is your desire, go for it. My point was that it is wrong-headed to criticize people who have seen that politics isn't "the way" to get where they want to go. The reliance on politics has all the signs of being a religion to some people. Not everyone- some people.

Second, I am not "paranoid". I don't buy most conspiracy theories, including the ones that claim that there could never be a governmental conspiracy. Once again, history has exposed the lie of this delusional argument. Exposed governmental evil is never called a "conspiracy" once it is widely known. That way statists can continue to claim that there have not been any government conspiracies. Totally dishonest.

I also do not think anyone is "out to get me". I am not that important or influential. There are much bigger fish to fry. However, the distrust of those who think it is their duty to steal from you and kill you if you refuse to cooperate is not "paranoia". It is reality and common sense. The results of ignoring this fact can be seen everywhere. That also shows it is not a "fantasy". Refusal to accept the demonstrable facts, however, is a fantasy. It may make you popular with certain parasitical folk, but is it worth it?

Then he claims that my "approach" is "no solution at all". Seriously? To be "no solution" my "approach" sure has solved a lot of problems. Not just for myself, but for others who really make the commitment to live up to it. Maybe his idea of a "solution" involves a lot of repeated failure so that he can continue exercising his approach and keep failing.

People like this "john jones" who have no foundation for rational debate can always be relied upon to bring children into their attacks. They like innocent collateral damage. It is the way of manipulators to try to use your family against you. Sorry. It won't work.

I guess teaching your children self-responsibility and self-reliance is attempting to "warp their minds" to people like "him". So be it. To do less is unthinkable abuse. I know too much about the workings of government indoctrination camps known as "public schools" to trust them with my kids' education and safety. I feel sorry for the off-spring of "john jones". He must be raising compliant sheep who will be willingly led to the slaughter. Maybe they will even facilitate their own demise to impress their masters. I'm sure he will be so proud.

He then claims my approach will achieve "nothing". Been there; done that. My approach has already achieved more than I could have hoped when I began this journey. I wonder what the approach of "john jones" has achieved so far?

Finally his desperate attempts to discredit me reach the realm of absurdity. Someone can believe I am like a cartoon character if that is what they want to do. If "Dale" agrees with me anywhere, then he would be smarter than I give him credit for. Obviously "john jones" has not actually read enough to get to know my views very well. He responds with a knee-jerk attack when something threatens to make him think. And that is what is not funny, and, instead, is so very sad.

Nothing illustrates the approaching "Idiocracy" better than "john jones" and his comment. I would guess that he is a bitter person who is tired of losing from trying the same failed tactics over and over again, so he attacks others. That is purely speculation, however. I invite him to write more to confirm my suspicions. I probably won't respond again, but at least other people can learn from the example.