Monday, November 02, 2009

Texas 'election day' reminder

Texas 'election day' reminder

For my friends and readers in Texas- November 3 is election day. Before you head out to the polls I ask you to remember this: Voting is just another manifestation of "might makes right".

Instead of directly having a warlord killing off his rivals (the standard excuse against self-responsible, non-coercive living- "anarchy"), with voting there is another layer of camouflage to hide the reality. You have a mob voting on who the warlords, collectively referred to as "government", will kill next; whose rights will be violated, whose choices will be criminalized, whose value as a human will be marginalized simply because they are in the minority.

If you think you really can defend your freedom by voting I will not try to dissuade you. Just don't be too disappointed when it doesn't happen the way you want.

If you do choose to vote, please use the rest of the day actually increasing your own freedom by doing things that matter to you. Don't hurt any innocent people, but other than that, the sky is the limit. Ignore those "authorities" who would try to order you around for their own benefit. Have fun.

When an invitation is not an invitation

When an invitation is not an invitation

In discussing my "Bubble Theory" of property rights, the main issue that comes up is concealed carry of weapons. That is only because that is the primary area where even freedom oriented people think it is OK to violate the "you-shaped bubble" of your personal property, and assert ownership of the space between your skin and your clothes.

I say it is dangerous to single out guns when discussing this, since that issue is too emotionally charged. The issue is exactly the same if someone posts a sign refusing to allow colostomy bags, contact lenses, or your wallet on their property. Self-respecting individuals will stay way from such people and businesses if at all possible.

Even if you view this as a "contract" issue, there are problems. You can't open your property and then post a sign claiming that anyone who comes onto the property agrees, by "contract", to be a dog while they are there. Or that they must leave their intestines at home. Contracts can't change the nature of reality. Such a "contract" is really a warning to stay away.

I suppose I will defend their right to pretend to welcome people onto their property with such absurd exceptions. The reality is that any such "invitation" is not an invitation at all. The "inviter" is lying and is not actually inviting anyone onto their property. And that is their right, but they should be honest about it rather than defrauding people. If you do not wish to allow whole people onto your property, don't. Don't give false invitations and then make ridiculous, and evil, demands. If you are the recipient of such a deceptive "invitation", respect yourself and stay away from such perverted people. It is a deadly trap they set. Have nothing to do with them, and see them and their "invitation" for what they really are.

Lest you think, because of my argument, I am going out and violating property owners' wishes all the time, I will assure you I am not. Privately owned property that has signs prohibiting guns are places I avoid. I know in my heart they are wrong and they don't care a whit about their employees or customers; viewing them as nothing more than expendable property as long as they (and their personal property bubble) are surrounded by the other person's property. I will reward neither evil nor stupidity.