Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The ZAP- essential, but not sufficient

The ZAP- essential, but not sufficient

I see the Zero Aggression Principle as essential for ethical behavior, but not sufficient. I "really believe" in zero aggression, but I recognize it is a part of ethical behavior, not the whole enchilada. In other words, you could never initiate force, and still be a bad guy.

Trespassing and theft (including fraud) may not involve any force at all, and many would conclude that they do not violate the ZAP in that case, but you and I both know that either way, these acts are wrong to engage in.

I recently read an anarchist arguing that shoplifting from a giant corporation is good because (and I paraphrase) "who owns the box of noodles?" All I can know is that I know it would be wrong for me to live that way or to act upon that kind of belief.


Proud of America in my daydreams

Proud of America in my daydreams

People often talk about feeling "proud of America" when they watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon. Or when the people of the country pull together to help someone who has been hurt. I can understand the desire to feel proud of "your country".

There is one thing that would truly make me proud of America. I don't think it will ever happen, but this is what would strike a chord in me.

Imagine that some day soon the president holds a news conference. With The VP, the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, a Supreme Courtjester or two, and token representatives of the "other" political party standing behind him, he announces that the US government will disband as of midnight due to the realization that government has been an abject failure in living up to all of its original justifications. It was tried; it failed, now they are all cutting their losses and going home before the "necktie parties" begin. All government "entitlement" payouts will end forever. Federal property will revert to the states or foreign lands in which they are located. All federal military weapons will go to the national guards to be handed out to the unorganized militia as restitution for the BATFE's abuses. And all federal employees around the world are welcome to come home, or stay where they are, as private individuals.

It isn't a perfect solution since we would still have to contend with smaller, more local governments who will undoubtedly feel a need to try to fill Uncle Scam's ill-gotten shoes. "State's rights" are still a vastly inferior philosophy, a comparatively pale shadow, to individual rights, but it's a healthy step in the right direction.

America could lead the world in something meaningful, inspiring others to seek real freedom. That would be a day that would really make me proud of America. I'm smiling even now.