Friday, December 11, 2009

'Don't step in the authoritarianism!'

'Don't step in the authoritarianism!'

I have had some authoritarian thoughts sneak into my personal life in the past few days, and they made me miserable. It's no wonder statists are so unhappy and always so determined to take away everyone else's joy. Misery loves company. It really is uncomfortable to feel the desire to control the lives of others and stick your nose where it does not belong.

It is so easy to allow your innermost thoughts to stray into this dangerous territory, especially when others try to pull you in after them. Staying alert to where you are stepping helps avoid this. If you find yourself standing in the "cow patty" of authoritarianism, get out, wipe off your boots, and pay more attention next time.

Once I realized the trap I had allowed myself to wander in to, I corrected my steps and found a great sense of relief. Shaking off that burden allows one to breathe easy once again. Why would anyone willingly choose to burden themselves with statism? In some cases it may be due to masochism rather than hatred of people in general.

Either way, take a moment to inventory your own thoughts and see if you are cluttering up your mind with poisonous things that don't belong there. You'll thank yourself if you find things you need to rid yourself of.