Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why not a 'Constitutional US government'?

Why not a 'Constitutional US government'?

Could I live in America under a "Constitutional US government"? Well, sure. Why not? I have been living in America under an unconstitutional US government all my life. I'm a good adapter and don't usually mind being an outlaw and ignoring government edicts.

A "Constitutional US government" would be a lot less intrusive than the criminal government America is occupied by today, but why stop there? The Constitution still "authorizes" things that are wrong. Especially, but not only, under the 16th Amendment. So, could we get rid of all the amendments after the 10th? Yes, and as long as we didn't pretend that some people are "less human" than other people it would make no harmful difference. In other words, we'd still have to live by the Zero Aggression Principle in addition to the whatever the Constitutional US government dictated in order to be an ethical society. We'd also have to cross out the whole "general welfare" and "commerce clause" nonsense to make the Constitution acceptable. Those parts have enabled great evil to be "legally" committed.

Obviously, once you start messing around with the Constitution in any way, the enemies of liberty (most Democrats, Republicans, elected "officials", and "law enforcement") would probably try to alter it to get their own draconian agenda "legitimized" which would be a big step backward.

The best bet for long-term freedom probably lies in scrapping such fatally-flawed "social contracts" for one that is completely consensual and voluntary. Such as the Covenant of Unanimous Consent. If you have an issue with actually committing yourself to something by signing on a dotted line, just live by the Zero Aggression Principle and the "Principle of Zero Initiated Deception".

So, while a "Constitutional US government" would be an improvement, it is a pitifully weak excuse for real liberty. I know what I want, and I won't stop until I get there. Why not join me?