Thursday, May 06, 2010

In my defense

I expect the cops to come kick in my door any minute now. What was my offense?

Let me start at the beginning. I ride my bike on almost all my local in-town trips. A few days ago, on my journey to the post office to pick up my mail, a dachshund ran out into the street to attack me. I pedalled faster and still wasn't able to outrun him. I couldn't believe tiny legs could move that fast, but then, I'm not a racer.

Today as I passed the same house (on the opposite side of the street), he ran out to get me again. I hollered "No! Go away! No!" and he ignored me. I kicked at him and my foot hit him in the face. He yelped slightly. The dog broke off the attack and ran home. The dog's owner watched all this in silence from his porch. Never scolding the dog or calling it off.

I was not trespassing. I was not trying to antagonize the dog in any way. I was simply going about my business. I tried to scold the dog into leaving me alone. Yet, I am sure the owner saw my kick in self defense as an attack on his precious little doggy.

Last summer a local weimaraner came after me as my daughter and I rode past another house. That dog bit me on the leg, but I just kept pedaling harder to keep my daughter out of harm's way (she was in a trailer behind my bike). A few days later the weimaraner's owners were in the yard so I told them about the bite. They were less than concerned. They are lucky I am not a believer in using government force.

People who do not control their dogs do not love their dogs.

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  1. I love what Tom Baugh says about dog control in Starving The Monkeys. Never had the chance to practice said form of control, but it makes sense.

    When the dog (and those owned by the dog) understand that you are the alpha (and not the dog itself), then there will be peace.