Friday, August 20, 2010

Cops coming? Don't stick around

Cops coming? Don't stick around

LEOs in Albuquerque responded to a report of a stabbing, but could find no victim. I don't blame the victim for running off. Maybe he has heard what happens to victims of aggression or theft when the Bad(ge) Guys show up. The original attack is just the beginning.

Sure, it could be argued, with good reason, that the victim was probably involved in some activities that he didn't want the cops to know about. He probably has a "record". Maybe because of activities that were actually wrong ("mala in se"); maybe they were only "illegal" ("mala prohibita"). Either way, had he stayed around he would still be wounded (cops can't undo that), and probably would have been "arrested" on top of that.

No good can come of staying around to talk to "The Law". Not for the stabbing victim and not for you. It's a lesson we should all learn.

Note: Sorry about the late posting, and the lack of an introductory paragraph. Now, I am unable to share my Examiner columns elsewhere using any tool provided by Examiner. As of today I can't even put a link on here until an hour or so after I publish the column. And by that time I'm usually not hanging around the computer. Examiner's cascade failures are getting frustrating for me. I'll still post the entire columns here after a week of trying to milk all the page views I can get.


  1. is a sinking ship. It was a good idea that's become garbled with money making. I also write for them (rarely anymore) and can't stand their crappy system. I've read a lot of columns (usually found by the various Google news alerts I have) that are so poorly written, I swear the person behind them is in Pakistan, not Austin or Utah.

  2. Yep. But that little money is important enough to me that I will likely ride this sinking ship as long as I can.

  3. Militant Libertarian, "money making" doesn't garble anything in a free market. That's were both seller and buyer benefit AND profit from the trade.

    If the Examiner really was interested in making money, they'd have a top notch product that people wanted to buy and they would pay the writers top dollar to produce that product.

    Since that doesn't seem to be their focus... sort of makes me wonder just what might be motivating them - and who is backing them.

    Really poor products are even hard to give away sometimes... and the Examiner is a very poor product.