Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cop's justification in shooting still under investigation

Cop's justification in shooting still under investigation

A cop who shot a man in Albuquerque last year is getting another paid vacation as a result. (Hey, it isn't the police department's money they are handing out.)

There is still some question as to whether the cop shot the man in the back with at least one shot. That would conflict significantly with the official story. Now, cops lie. That much should be obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. However, nonsensical legalities aside, if a person is trespassing inside a home, and is KNOWN to be the trespasser rather than someone who has legitimate business inside, I don't care if he is shot in the back or between the eyes. He had no business being there, and you can't assume he means you no harm.

This is also why I remain somewhat unconvinced about "proportional response" when an innocent person is attacked. The moment of the attack is not a good time to be second-guessing how much force is appropriate. If you don't want an "unproportional response" to your aggression, theft, or trespass, don't do it. I have no pity for thieves who end up caught in the consequences of their bad choices. It would be better for liberty and justice if the home's resident had shot the invader, of course, yet I'm sure such a justified shooting would have been scrutinized much more closely than the LEO's shooting has been. It just shows how badly "the system" is broken.

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