Wednesday, August 25, 2010

'Just give 'em what they want'

'Just give 'em what they want'
Albuquerque cops have some fatal advice for you. "Your life is not worth just a wallet. Just follow their demands. Be the best witness you possibly can."
Sure... it sounds reasonable- as long as you don't think too much. But, if what the bad guys want is to make sure there are no living witnesses who can identify them- then what? I'm sure they'll not notice you looking them over for identifying features and decide they don't want to risk you being "the best witness" they ever mugged.
This deadly "advice" comes after an early morning mugging spree by a pair of thugs. Three muggings in about 20 minutes. Those should be fatal odds for muggers in New Mexico. Yet the cops and "laws" have managed to make sure bad guys like these have a steady supply of compliant, disarmed victims.
Dare to be different. Be the last target your mugger ever tries to rob.

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