Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kidnapped over a plant- only 'reasonable' to the stupid, evil, or insane

Kidnapped over a plant- only 'reasonable' to the stupid, evil, or insane

Browsing through the Albuquerque news I saw the headline announcing that two Albuquerque women had been caught crossing the "border" with drugs. Then I read a bit farther, and .... oh, it wasn't drugs after all. It was marijuana. That's when it hit me: I don't even think "drug" when I think of cannabis.

It's a PLANT, people. That's all. All plants contain a multitude of chemicals, some more interesting than others. Some of those chemicals might reasonably be called "drugs" once they are processed and refined, but a plant is not a "drug". No matter what the State's drug warriors might claim in their flimsy lies.

To kidnap people for possessing a plant, even 500 pounds of it, is absurd. It would be laughable if the prohibition didn't destroy so many innocent lives. It is long past time for this nonsense to STOP.

Added clarification: The comments indicate I need to clear something up.
I am not showing favoritism to marijuana. The same would apply if it had been 500 pounds of poppies or coca leaves. Until the specific chemicals are isolated, purified, and refined the plant is not a "drug"- it is a plant. Funny thing though... I never hear of a "bust" of THC like I hear the drug warriors bragging about stealing quantities of cocaine.

However, it is just as wrong- just as evil- to kidnap people for possessing refined heroin, cocaine, meth, or any other substance the authoritards prohibit. There is absolutely no excuse for prohibition that holds up for consistent, decent human beings.

The War on Drugs is ridiculous in all its forms and is based on the pure evil belief that it is "good" or "necessary" to control what others do with their life and body. It needs to end. Now!

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