Sunday, August 08, 2010

Slavery in Albuquerque

Slavery in Albuquerque

I have previously mentioned the case of the North Carolina woman who was held prisoner in Albuquerque in the so-called "forced prostitution" case. More details have come out, such as the fact that one of the people who kept her prisoner has a website that promotes prostitution.
Again I say, so what? That neither adds to, nor detracts from, the evil that was committed on the woman who was held prisoner.

Voluntary prostitution, entered into without coercion or fraud on either side, is none of the State's business. Unless you are involved, it is none of your business, either. If it offends you, don't be a prostitute and don't use one's services.

Prostitution is not the problem in this case- slavery is. What was done to the captive woman was not prostitution, but was sexual slavery. These aggressors held another person prisoner and forced her to work, as if her life belonged to them, and they then took the fruits of her labors as their own. That is slavery.

It would not have been one tiny bit better to force her to pick cotton or work at a fast food counter, against her will, and then take the money she was paid. Nor, is it any better when government forces you to hand over the fruits of your labors to the IRS. Slavery is slavery, and slavery is (and always will be) wrong. Stop finding false justifications for some slavery.

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