Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Technology in the service of liberty

Technology in the service of liberty

Drunk driving arrests at illegal (no matter what the complicit courts may claim), unethical "checkpoints" in Albuquerque are down from previous years.

It may be due to people being more responsible; it may be due to people being scared of being kidnapped and altering their behavior; it may be due to bars watching their customers more carefully; or it may be due to freedom-enhancing, tyranny busting technology.

I'm betting it is a combination. The one to celebrate the most is the technology, only because "drunk driving" has been defined down to the point that "responsible behavior" is no longer possible as a significant factor.

No matter what the thugs of The State may decree, technology has always managed to foil tyranny in the end, even while the statists try to monopolize technology in the service of tyranny and oppression. In the arms race between liberty and government, liberty is smarter, more adaptable, and quicker. This is, obviously, good news for liberty.


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