Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When 'normal' is perverted

When 'normal' is perverted
Some situations are tangled and difficult to ever sort out. And, sometimes, the people involved understand it is not in their interest to help The State sort it out. This is one reason The State shouldn't impose itself on anyone (or in any situation) without the consent of some of those involved.
An Albuquerque woman "frying panned" and stabbed a man; initially claiming self defense. Her boyfriend was also injured, probably by the stabbed man. The stories have changed and now seem to center around jailhouse sex and embarrassment, and "honor" of some twisted type. The stabbed man is in the hospital with a tube down his throat and cops are waiting until he can speak to try to get him to incriminate himself in some way.
If these people were smart, which seems extremely unlikely given the circumstances, they would all refuse to speak to The Law. In a free society the matter would end there unless some of them sought restitution from the others involved, and then arbitration would be hired. Yet, this is not a free society and The State must get involved and find someone to punish. And most people think this is "normal"?

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