Sunday, August 29, 2010

Will you help fugitive slaves?

Will you help fugitive slaves?

I wasn't aware that the "Fugitive Slave Law" was still in force in Albuquerque. Yet, I see a report in the news that indicates it is. Those who harbor slaves who have managed to evade those who believe themselves to be the masters can be punished and the slaves will be returned to the plantation.

In this case, just as in the 19th century case, "the majority" sees nothing wrong with the slavery. They blame the slaves and those who help them avoid the slave- overseers. They claim this is for the slave's own good. They believe themselves to have a righteous cause- to be the "good guys". They are not.

This time around, the excuse is "education". The real goal is conformity and indoctrination into statism. Fortunately, kids are strong enough that the conditioning is not 100% effective. Let's help them avoid the fate the state would impose on them and those who help them. Education is much too important to let government have anything whatsoever to do with it.

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