Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reality or politics?

Reality or politics?

I'm glad, in a way, to see that the Albuquerque news has returned to addressing reality, rather than Obamality. The bad thing is, this reality is concerning the suffering of innocent people. Lost balloonists, and dead toddlers, and the loss of local jobs that government policies have made inevitable. In that case I guess it would be better to have no real news to report and keep focusing on the putrid emanations of The Anointed One.

Real, innocent people are what matters in this world, and it is better to be concerned over such things than to care about how to get your piece of the action from the politicians and bureaucrats who are busy stealing it "on your behalf" (while skimming a sizeable cut for themselves and their cronies, of course). What really matters is completely different from what lying politicians believe matters.

Real life. This is just real people concerned about the events that affect their everyday lives. No one wants to be forced to worry about politics. Yet, for our own self defense we must, at times, focus on it. We need to know what new violation of our individual human rights is being dreamed up by the enemies of civilization in government offices and legislatures across America. Sometimes we may be able to nip it in the bud if we know what is going down. Just think what would have happened if Americans in 1776 had been able to stop the Constitutional Conspiracy that stole liberty from them and their descendants. In other cases, it is good to know what normal, voluntary, non-harmful actions you need to be secretive about to avoid being kidnapped by thugs in uniform.

When politics and real life meet, tragedy is the result. There is enough tragedy without adding unnecessarily to the suffering. Coercion against the innocent is never OK, especially not for the purpose of taking advantage of them or violating their rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. It's time for Statists to grow up.

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Libertarians: 'selfish' and 'childish'?

Libertarians: 'selfish' and 'childish'?

The news in Albuquerque is still dominated by the lingering aroma of The Anointed One's visit. Reminiscent of a dead skunk on the highway, the fumes just won't clear. The difference is that I actually enjoy a slight smell of skunk. Anyway, back to The Deceiver in Chief. What he said while in town seems to generate a lot of discussion. I can't understand why since everything he has said in the past turned out to be lies. Just assume the same will be true of his most recent utterances as well, and move on.

So today I'll address two of the favorite retorts that authoritarians seem to keep at the ready in case they encounter a libertarian. That libertarians are "selfish" (usually the opinionizer is a "liberal"), or that they are "childish" (generally this comes from the "conservative" side).

"Progressives", by claiming that libertarians are "selfish", are being selfish. Liberalism is self-centered. They serve their own selfish interests by demanding you give up some of your interests to serve theirs. Liberals worship the defective among us. That is fine as long as they spend their own time and effort catering to these individuals. Yet, they selfishly use the coercive force of government to make you serve that which they worship. They are so addicted to the "Mommy State" that they can't stand to see people who do not need to be mothered to death, and who do not need to be forced to "share". Of course, this category also spills over to "conservatives" from time to time on different issues (issues which usually shouldn't BE issues).

"Conservatives" often claim libertarians are "childish". They can't allow libertarians to prove that voluntary interactions are better than brute force. They threaten to take all their toys and go home when we don't wish to play their coercive "games". They would rather give up the areas that libertarians would be on their side of than to agree to leave people alone to make their own decisions and face their own consequences. They are so addicted to the "Strong Father State" that they can't stand seeing people not getting their spankings when they do something that offends their "morals" (cough-cough). They worship (often literally) the strict, authoritarian Punisher of Deeds, and use the blunt force of The State as the means to mete out retribution for your "offensive" acts. Yet, this category, too, often spills over into the "Progressive" cult where such things as "gun control" are concerned.

Me, I'm strong enough to leave people alone to live their own lives as they see fit; only meddling if I see someone initiating force, fraud, or theft. That isn't "selfish", that is the height of generosity. Nor is it "childish" since it is the core of being an adult living among adults.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seeking donations

I'm embarrassed to do this, but I am going to have to ask for donations. Not to be used for expensive, trivial things, but for living expenses. Plus the luxury of an internet connection and a phone if there is anything left over.

Others do it, so I guess it is accepted. It just feels dirty, somehow, for me to do so.

Our household income has just gone down by another $350 per month. And that's on top of the $300 per month we lost just a few months ago. That is a significant percentage of our total income. Really significant. In a month or so we will also lose our seasonal income of $150 per month until next spring. Needless to say, it's a critical situation.

I have mentioned my computer problems before. That's the least of my worries. My car broke down a few months ago, and resisted all my efforts to repair it. The car I was borrowing from my parents broke down last week. I do still have my bicycle and trailer (which I use to haul my 3-year-old daughter around town), so I'm not completely stranded, but considering that for most business I have to cross the state line and go 8 to 13 miles down the highway (and then through city traffic), a bike with a kid trailer isn't the best option. Plus, the only grocery store in this town displays a big "no guns allowed" sign, so I hate to give them my business.

This time I have nothing I am auctioning off in exchange for the money, nothing to offer in return, and I'm not simply asking for page views.

Paypal, Gpal, or any method you prefer is welcome. If you can do a recurring donation, that would be wonderful. Help if you can, but please don't put yourself in a bad spot if you can't afford to help me. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama in Albuquerque: a stranger to reality

Obama in Albuquerque: a stranger to reality

Obama was in Albuquerque, telling lies and demonstrating how completely out of touch with reality he truly is. His worshipers didn't seem to notice, which reflects more poorly on them than on him. I generally ignore him, and was shocked by the gross ignorance his comments illustrated. I'll loan you my shovel before the fertilizer buries you.

First of all, he calls for a "long-term plan" for the economy; completely ignorant (?) of the fact that planned economies always fail. The farther away from the free market (completely unplanned, unregulated trade between individuals with no government oversight or red tape) we get, the worse our economy gets. And we are far from a free market now, and have been for the past century or so. The recent problems were not caused by too little government and too few "laws" but by too much of both. Anyone who tries to tell you different is lying to you. Want to fix the economy? Stop trying to plan it!

He compounded his lie by encouraging small businesses to take advantage of "breaks" the government allows. Small businesses don't need breaks, they need to be left alone. Their owners need to keep ALL the money they bring in- to be re-invested in the business, or spent by its rightful owner, to the benefit of society; not stolen by parasites in government to the detriment of human civilization.

After making a fool of himself by talking about one thing he has no understanding of (the economy), he moved along to another subject that is apparently just as mysterious to him: education. Yes, Obama, education is critical. But that is why your "solution"- helping "public schools"- is the opposite of what should be done. Education is much too important to let imbeciles and tyrants like yourself anywhere near children. If you can't bring yourself to call for closing the "public schools", releasing their prisoners (the children and tax slaves alike), and bulldozing those shameful indoctrination camps to the ground, at least sell off the buildings and let them find a more honorable use in the next life.

Now he's gone from Albuquerque, I suppose, so I will go back to ignoring him. At least Obama's verbal flatulence and its lingering stench do have one useful side-effect: it reminds me what is at the putrid core of statism. And it isn't pretty.

The myths of statism

The myths of statism

The news in Albuquerque has been strangely quiet the past few days. I suppose the appearance of "The Annointed One" has distracted his mindless worshipers, and his mindless opponents, enough that they have stopped committing their regularly scheduled aggression, theft, and fraud while they watch to learn how the Master does it.

In the meantime I'll offer some philosophical thoughts.

People have a powerful desire to believe myths- whether religious, political, or philosophical. I'm not talking about useful tales that teach a valuable lesson here, but harmful lies that form a false foundation for cultural beliefs. If it makes them feel better they follow it and refuse to accept the truth, any truth, that discredits their myth.

It is a myth that coercion is necessary in order to force people to get along together, but it is a persistent myth because it feeds a desire many people have. That desire is to be able to justify hurting people who have done nothing other than offend them in some way.

This is the foundation of "conservatism" and "liberalism/progressivism". It is why they reject voluntaryism of any sort without giving it any real consideration at all. It is why they invariably must fall back on the same tired old retorts: "How cute. Now grow up!" - "No government based on that has ever been successfully established anywhere in the world, ever!" - "Government is necessary to keep people from selfishly stomping on everyone who gets in their way." - or whatever other completely silly and empty insult or "argument" they can dredge up. All those objections have been tried before, though, and they are no more true now than they were years ago. (And soon I'll address the claims that libertarianism is "childish" and "selfish".)

There is a comfort in being "conservative" or "liberal" that those of us beyond that simplistic view don't have. It is the comfort found in large numbers. The comfort of the herd. Large numbers of mindless drones or bleating sheep. But we do have the comfort of being right in the face of seemingly overwhelming opposition. That is enough for me. I can do without the myths.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Government-sanctioned monkeys with guns?

Government-sanctioned monkeys with guns?

You may think I have been unnecessarily hard on the Albuquerque Police (and police in general) recently. Perhaps you assume I think it is impossible for a cop to do something good. You would be wrong.

Police may occasionally do the right thing, just as a blind monkey with a Tommygun, firing into a crowd, might accidentally shoot a bad guy. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to trust the monkey or give him the gun. And it is absolutely insane to give the monkey special authority or lightly excuse the monkey for the real harm his actions do.

We are all accountable and responsible for everything we do. A silly title or a badge doesn't lessen that responsibility, but intensifies it. LEOs must be held to a much higher standard of accountability than those of us who would actually be punished, severely, for making the same "mistakes" the average cop makes. At least until the "job" of "law enforcement" is relegated to the heap of civilization-endangering ideas from whence it came. Never forget the wrong they commit, and forgive only at your own peril. And never trust them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

ABQ captive dies

ABQ captive dies

The overcrowded Metro Detention Center in Albuquerque has had a 22-year-old female "inmate" die. While her death may have had nothing to do with her captivity, I'm sure her captivity didn't help her any.

She was being held captive on a "parole violation", and had been since the end of January. I would like to know what she did that was so heinous that it was necessary to kidnap her in the first place. If she was really a political prisoner (someone who had not attacked, stolen from, or defrauded anyone- as fully a third of the prisoners in the US are) then the Albuquerque Police Department and the administration of the overcrowded Metro Detention Center are murderers. If this is the case, will there be justice?

A request for action and an experiment- with new updates

In reference to my expensive, trivial, desired thing, I would like to propose an experiment.

I figured out I would need about 1,900,000 page views by the end of the month on my Examiner column to get enough money for my self-indulgent treat. How ever many more I can get will help and get me closer, especially if I can get more subscribers and daily visitors! Help me get as many page views as humanly possible.

So, what I'm asking is that you please go to my column, pick any particular article you want (or just use this one), and send it to as many people as possible. You can even tell them why I want the page views. Then ask them to spread the link around to as many people as they possibly can. And so on.

I'd like to see if I can set a (as far as I know) record for Examiner. And, if I manage to get enough page views to buy the item, even better!

I'll post the results here later in an update. Thank you in advance!

Update 1- Well, I got 208 page views the first day. Which is more than double my normal (recent) page views. If it will "more than double" again today and for subsequent days I could be on track.

Update 2- Still doing fairly well on page views. Please subscribe through the button on the Examiner page. Examiner claims to pay more depending on the number of subscribers, too.

Update 3- Well, thank you to all those who helped. It did put my page views back up to levels where they had been back before they started going down. They have dropped back to the low levels again now, though.

Altogether the push seems to have resulted in an extra $5 for me. And now with all my computer problems, and having no working vehicle for the past week (mine has been broken down for months and in the shop for the past month, and now my dad's pickup which I had been borrowing is also broken down), I'm getting very economically and emotionally depressed.

Highwaymen strike again

Highwaymen strike again

Albuquerque cops are bragging that they "arrested" seven suspected "drunken drivers" during one of their illegal checkpoint schemes. Notice, too, the ironic location of the illegal checkpoint: Constitution Avenue.

If a person is really drunk, and driving, there is no "suspected" involved. It is obvious. Such is not the case under the current police state's "laws".

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Property rights under assault

Property rights under assault

Residents in Albuquerque’s North Valley are looking for justice after a vandalism and theft spree. The victims are demanding restitution, which is the foundation of real justice. One resident was quoted as saying he would have shot the vandals had he seen them. I would not blame him if he had, and in fact, think this is the proper response. Once again: justice. (The "authorities" would, of course, disagree.) Until the cost of violating the rights of the innocent is raised back up to its correct level there will be more incidents like this.

However, stopping these violations is not in the interest of The State. Justice is not on the map.

It all comes down to that one thing all governments despise and deny: property rights.

Here in my own little town far from Albuquerque, property rights are under a new assault from the local government. The town has just hired a new LEO for "code enforcement". That's collectivist-speak for "Violating your property rights on behalf of The Majority using the threat of force".

I understand that some people get offended when a neighbor has an unkempt lawn. Yet, what another person does with their own property, even to the point of destroying it, is no one else's business as long as no one else is being harmed. "Codes" are just a way of taking control of a person's property away from them and giving it to "the majority". It is wrong even if you like it and even if you can come up with reasonable-sounding justifications. I repudiate this violation of rights. Don't enforce the "Codes" against my neighbors on my behalf.

Friday, September 24, 2010

computer dead - Updated


Update: Maybe that was a little premature. After hours and hours of trying to get this thing usable again, something has finally worked. Sort of.

I can't even list all the things that are not working like they should anymore. I think there may be physical damage to something internal as well as software anomalies. At the moment I can get online, but that could change at any time judging by how the computer has been acting recently.

When I am no longer to get this computer to work I will stop blogging or going online on a regular basis. I can't afford another computer so I will have to wait until I am around another computer somewhere. So I guess this is a heads-up.

Man learns from government example

Man learns from government example

There is a man in the Albuquerque area who is posing as a helpful passerby who notices a flat tire, offers to help, and then flees with his trusting victim's money.

It sounds like he has been observing the way governments work.

"Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure." - Robert LeFevre

First they "notice" an imaginary (or trivial) "problem", and offer to fix it. Then, they take money from those under their power and never deliver the promised results. Just like the freelance thief.

The difference lies in the fact that the freelance thief doesn't claim legitimacy for what he does; he knows he is wrong and he runs away. Governments keep pretending they are "helping" and are "necessary" even as they continue to steal and murder. I prefer dealing with the freelance thief. He is more honest

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Metro Detention Center overcrowding- a solved 'problem'

Metro Detention Center overcrowding- a solved 'problem'

Albuquerque's Metro Detention Center is over crowded. In fact it is at 120% capacity. That is a real problem, but not in the way the "authorities" would have you believe. There is no need for more jail construction, more LEOs, or any other false "solution" that strengthens The State. The problem is that there are too many "laws" and that most of them are counterfeit "laws".

Nationally, it is said that about a third of all prisoners are political prisoners. They did nothing wrong, they simply violated counterfeit "laws". They were "arrested" for "drug offenses", or for having a gun outside the numerous infringements committed by The State, or for entering into consensual trade in a way prohibited by the government, or a multitude of other equally ridiculous reasons. They harmed no third party. Releasing these political prisoners would (statistically speaking) eliminate around 870 people from the population of the MDC immediately.

Then consider how many of the rest, those who actually did initiate force, fraud, or theft, would never have taken that route had they not been first segregated into the thug culture after violating a counterfeit "law". Many a decent person has been corrupted after being sent to "Criminal University" on a "scholarship" granted for having some dried leaves in a pocket. It may be too late for them now, but it is not too late for the young guy who has never harmed anyone, but who will be "arrested" on drug charges tomorrow.

Most of the rest of the prisoners should be given the chance to pay restitution to their victims. Caging a person doesn't help their victims. It only helps the tax parasites who depend on this failed "system" for their jobs. Since the victims also have money stolen from them by The State in order to finance the cage industry, they have been victimized at least twice.

The final part of the puzzle is for The State to stop protecting the actual thieves and aggressors among us from the justified consequences of their actions. Stop criminalizing self defense and the possession of the tools with which to carry it out. That would eliminate a lot of the true bad guys and scare a lot of the rest into behaving themselves. Problem solved.

Welfare withdrawal causes pain to New Mexico families

Welfare withdrawal causes pain to New Mexico families

Parents who have become addicted to one form of welfare are finding themselves suffering withdrawal- or at least have been put on notice that they will be suffering it soon. The state is sending out letters to thousands of families to inform them that their child care assistance is being cut off due to "budget problems" (not enough stolen loot to go around, due to government killing the economy).

That's sad, but that's what happens when you allow government intervention to lead you a long ways down a dead end path. When government suddenly says "This is where we part ways" you will discover just where you have been led. It is a place you would have never gone on your own, but only with the "help" and encouragement of The State holding your hand. The State even actively seeks out people to participate, since "numbers" means money, that is until reality rears its ugly head like it is doing now.

Government intervention in the market, and that is what this is, has stifled or crushed innovative solutions to "child care". No one has an incentive to find new solutions when government is using stolen money to pay parents' child care expenses for them. Plus people make choices, economic and otherwise, based on the assumption that they will not be paying the consequences because of the "safety net" [sic].

This will actually affect only about 28% of the kids in the program- the other 18,000 will still be getting your money. One "development center" in Albuquerque claims they will "lose" 43 children, and may have to cut staff. Yet no one seems to notice that had government not distorted the market, those families, and the threatened employees, would have made other arrangements and would not now be in a bind.

I got into a situation once where I quit my job due to an increase in the cost of child care when my kids' day care center was bought out by a competitor. It would have cost almost exactly what I was earning to keep sending them, and I decided I wasn't going to go to a job and pay someone else to watch my kids for me. Yes, there were "sacrifices" involved but the benefits outweighed them by more than I can express. It was a great decision.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ABQ "Violent" according to officer

ABQ "Violent" according to officer

"We tend to be somewhat of a violent town." says Albuquerque's Chief Public Safety [sic] Officer. Yet he doesn't realize (or won't publicly acknowledge, anyway) that he and his gang are largely to blame.

So in an effort to "understand" where all this violence comes from, the city will spend your stolen money on an analysis from a "think tank".

Don't analyze it; SOLVE IT!

Stop denying people the liberty to defend themselves and their property with the best tools available.

End the evil and stupid War on (some) Drugs that empowers gangs and other aggressors, both with and without badges.

Those two simple acts would render Albuquerque's violence a bad memory. Problem solved.

Liberty: How can we get there from here?

Liberty: How can we get there from here?

I'm tired, for the moment, of pointing out the failures of statism. They are so obvious it seems silly to keep pointing them out. But, apparently many people refuse to see them, so it remains necessary.

The question that I hope is on your mind at this point would be "How can I help form a society that respects liberty? You know, real liberty; the freedom for each of us to exercise his or her individual rights."

You can only do that one person at a time, by your individual behavior. That's the only way anything, a free society or a tyranny, comes about. However, there are some general trends you can support to help the process along.

If you've been paying attention you will know that a big part of the solution is to acknowledge that the police and "public schools" must end. That one change would go a long ways toward freeing civilization from the grip of tyranny. There is a reason I have focused so much recently on the failures caused directly by "police" and "public schools"- the Albuquerque news is full of these failures on a daily basis. I can't pass up on illustrations that are handed to me so abundantly. Unless you bury your head in the sand you can't ignore the obvious. Just do as I do and take a look at the Albuquerque news (or your local equivalent) and you will see it ... unless you are determined not to. Breaking the hold of these two organs of The State would at least allow people to start thinking for themselves and start acting in self-responsible ways.

Another part of the answer is to stop looking to government for anything. No handouts; no "justice"; no "protection". If you need it, you can't get it from The State, and if only The State can provide it, you don't need it. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can grow up. Stop believing that government can print "money" backed by nothing but empty promises. If you are forced to accept it and pay "taxes" on it, it isn't money.

I highly recommend "attending" The On Line Freedom Academy to help break free of the delusions that have been carefully cultivated, whether successfully or not, in your mind. It will help you more than you might suspect.

Monday, September 20, 2010

ABQ Cops, once again, show their true colors

ABQ Cops, once again, show their true colors

The reptilian brain of The State, in a gross display of ignorance and aggression, demands a "permit" from a man who was not only not harming anyone, but actually doing good. Then they kidnap him and threaten those around him who witnessed their unjustified attack. Fortunately he was recording the encounter with these gang members.

Michael Herrick was "arrested" by Albuquerque Police for giving food to the homeless without a "permit". What a dreadful act of aggression and terrorism! Right? Still think cops are the good guys?

Then, because he did not immediately bow down and obey their illegal orders, they "arrested" him on the bogus charge of "refusing to obey an officer" as well. Guess what, no one has an obligation to obey counterfeit orders that violate the law, as this order did. The LEOs may still kill you for your lack of obedience, so your actions, and their consequences, are your responsibility. However, by their actions, the cops show themselves to be the bad guys; the thugs with badges.

On top of all this punishment, the bad(ge) guys added the made-up charge of "inciting a riot". Funny, I never heard any news reports of this "riot" occurring. Maybe they imagined it.

The vermin in blue are your servants. Not your masters. Out-of-control servants should be fired. And, since the position leads invariably to this sort of abuse, replaced with nothing. How will they learn their place if we keep acting as though they have authority that they did not earn? If they want our respect, they had better start earning it. Now! This isn't the way for them to do that.

Organs of tyranny- schools and cops

Organs of tyranny- schools and cops

Why am I so hard on "public schools" and "law enforcement"? It isn't that the Albuquerque Public Schools or the Albuquerque Police Department are worse than their counterparts elsewhere. They are just fulfilling their only true purpose: upholding and continuing the coercive, externally imposed, and completely unhealthy-to-civilization, State. By doing what comes naturally, these coercive organizations give me endless fodder for pointing out that The State doesn't work. Those who believe it can are hopelessly Utopian. There are better ways of doing everything- ways that respect the liberty of the individual.

It has been said that "public schools" are the reproductive organs of The State. Without government-controlled "education" it would be difficult to keep each new generation of people fooled into believing that theft, murder, and kidnapping are OK as long as they are called "taxation", "war", and "arrest". Fooled into believing that there is such a thing as "the common good", and that to achieve it you must give up your individual sovereignty and let others assume control of your life and your body. That property rights only exist for governments. And that without a government ruling our lives we would be doing the things that government does anyway- raping, killing, stealing- without consequence. Only by getting inside a mind while it is still young and malleable can such self-contradictory beliefs be seeded with much success.

If the "pubic schools" are the reproductive organs of The State, then "law enforcement" is the reptilian brain. It is the primitive aggressive reactionary part. The non-thinking bestial mind. And it is always over-stimulated with an excess of testosterone and adrenaline. It sees the normal people as "the enemy". Guilt to be determined later. Without this "organ" the cruel and twisted desires of the Rulers would go nowhere. It takes a cop to impose a tyranny.

There are better ways of living. Education is natural and doesn't need to be imposed and enforced. Civility will happen naturally absent an army of "Only Ones" creating chaos from "laws". All it takes is an understanding of rights and a natural application of consequences for violating those rights. Problem? Solved!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ABQ Protestors: 'Keep sending us the stolen loot!'

ABQ Protestors: 'Keep sending us the stolen loot!'

Want a perfect demonstration of what happens when people discover they can live off the fruits of political theft (without the risk of personally facing their victims)? They act as though getting your money is a "right". A real right can never impose an obligation on anyone else. You have the absolute human right to own and to carry any kind of gun you want, but no one is obligated to give you that gun. You must build it yourself or trade for/buy it. The same goes for "health care" and a retirement allowance.

A group of protestors in Albuquerque were demanding, for the benefit of some pandering politicians who were in town, that "Federal Programs" not be cut. That's fine if they are offering their own money to keep those programs running rather than demanding that other people be stolen from. But that's not what they are advocating. And the candidates from Socialist Party B ("B" only because they are the ones supposedly out of power right now, not because they are any less committed to socialism than those in Socialist Part A) fall right into step by promising to protect the theft racket. How could the protestors have had any doubt?

It is stupid to bother wasting your time demanding that the politicians not cut federal welfare programs such as "Social Security", Medicare, or Medicaid. Those programs are what bribes "the majority" into leaving behind self-responsibility and embracing collectivism, to the continuing benefit of The State. As long as people are allowed to vote for thieves who will continue to promise to steal from their neighbors, those programs will never be in real jeopardy. Some people must just feel a need to be seen holding signs and shouting near politicians.

Sheriff's Association throws tantrum over judge's decision

Sheriff's Association throws tantrum over judge's decision

The Bernalillo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association is squealing like a sty full of stuck pigs over the judge's decision to let the man accused of shooting his deputized kidnapper out of jail for a day to attend his brother's funeral. I'm not surprised. However, if we "lesser citizens" were acting the same way we'd be said to be "whining".

Not a single one of the "crimes" mentioned in the BCDSA's release (out of "nine felonies" the Grand Jury saw fit to indict him on) should be "crimes". Not a single one. Of all the man's previous offenses (resisting arrest, eluding police, domestic violence, and battery on a police officer), only one- domestic violence- is a real offense. And, in today's world it is also one of the least credible. Yes, it does happen a lot, but even more it is made up to punish a significant other- often at the encouragement of the "authorities". I have no idea if the prisoner actually did it or not, but even if he did, let his victim seek restitution and end it there. There is no need to get The State involved. All the rest of his "offenses" are the exercise of the basic right to not be kidnapped and attacked by thugs of whatever type, no matter what silly hat they wear.

In the most pathetic attempt at emotional manipulation, the prisoner's tattoo is used as justification for keeping him a prisoner. Yet LEOs often have tattoos that are just as bad and denigrating to the people they are supposed to be serving. You know, "the public"- their masters. I have seen them myself (admittedly only when the cops were off-duty). I'd say the man's tattoo is a reasonable reaction to what "The Law" has put him through.

I'll be surprised if the judge stands firm in his decision instead of caving to the vociferous whining of Albuquerque's "Only Ones".

Update: Surprise, surprise.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Buy some books...

...Or at least download them and read them.
And spread them around.

Go here:

'Public schools' teach that theft, collectivism are A-OK

'Public schools' teach that theft, collectivism are A-OK

Students who were not breaking the rules have had their personal property stolen by the principal of Albuquerque's Van Buren Middle School. Another student was breaking the "no skateboarding" rule, so the principal, in a textbook example of collectivist non-thinking, "confiscated" everyone's skateboards. Because you can control what I do, right? This is a lesson socialists in government love to teach. It forms the basis for "gun control" and other forms of bigotry as well.

The dad of one of the victims foolishly went to report the theft to the police. He wasted his time unless he learned a lesson. The police, who are just as corrupt and dependent on collectivism and theft as the "public schools", refuse to act on this particular theft since the thief, the principal (unnamed in the news story's glaring "omission", but Ms. Cardinal Rieger, according to an internet search), "intends" to return the stolen property in a week. So, I suppose bank holdups are OK with The Law as long as the thieves return the money when they say they will- perhaps after their investments have paid off.

Sending your kids off to be subject to the whims of such people as this principal without principles is abuse. Government is destroying education and replacing it with "schooling" in statism. Separate school and state!'s "profanity filter"

Every comment I have tried to post on Examiner articles today has triggered the Examier "profanity filter".

If you are trying to comment on my articles and find yourself being "profane" without knowing how, just post your comments on the appropriate article link here on my blog. The article will catch up to it in about a week. seems to be run or programmed by idiots.

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'Concerned citizen' destroys woman's life for a pat on the head

'Concerned citizen' destroys woman's life for a pat on the head

"Concerned citizens" are enablers of authoritarianism. Nothing good ever comes from their meddling. They are spies for The State. They are like a virus that harms those they encounter; damaging civilization by their very presence. None of the worst tyrannies in history would have never gotten off the drawing board without complicit people like these useful idiots.

As proof, just look at the news of the teacher in Albuquerque who was arrested after a "concerned citizen" told police the teacher was growing marijuana. So what? It's a plant. I see no claim she was holding down students and forcing it down their throats. Yet The State wants her to force collectivism into young minds, and apparently this "concerned citizen" was OK with that. Which is worse in the long run? Certainly not the marijuana, that is for sure.

Trying to justify herself, where no justification is needed, the teacher claimed the marijuana was needed for health reasons. The "authorities" fired back that "they can't find any record that [she] has a medical marijuana license." Having a license or not is no indicator of whether a person needs to have marijuana for medical reasons. This is smoke and mirrors on the part of The State. An attempt to change the debate into something it was not.

Now the Albuquerque Public Schools are overreacting in several ways, acting like this is some sort of disaster caused by the teacher rather than by the stupid and evil War on (some) Drugs. They are providing councilors (using your money) in case any traumatized students "want to talk". Yeah, let the councilors explain to upset kids why a woman who is not even suspected of harming anyone has been kidnapped by a gang of thugs, and is now being persecuted by the kidnappers and will likely have her life destroyed. Not by the consequences of the drugs, but by the prohibition industry. That's an explanation we'd all like to hear.

Want to solve this "problem" and make sure nothing like this ever happens again? End the Drug War and get government OUT of the business of "schooling".

* * Just in case you missed the link above, visit to see rational alternatives to the government indoctrination centers called "public schools". And buy my book "Problem? Solved!" for more liberty-respecting solutions.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Is the 'criminal' more honorable than the 'authorities'?

Is the 'criminal' more honorable than the 'authorities'?

The Albuquerque man arrested last month for shooting a sheriff's deputy is being given a day out of jail to attend his brother's funeral. Without a lot more facts I can't say whether this temporary release is a good thing or a bad thing.

I admit, there is a lot I don't know about the history behind this case, and the "authorities" will never tell the truth openly. This man was "arrested" for shooting the deputy, but the deputy he shot was involved in a SWAT raid on him at the time- for a victimless "crime" he was suspected of committing. This was obviously a self defense shooting. The deputy's gang was attempting to use force in order to effect a kidnapping of a person who was not actually initiating force, theft, or fraud at the time of the shooting. There is nothing magical about a badge that makes a person immune from consequences of coercion, no matter what The State may claim.

The State claims the man is a "suspected drug dealer", but that is not wrong in and of itself. It is an exercise in the free market. Is the man really a "danger to our community" or only to people who are attacking him? Of course those whose "jobs" involve coercion and threats to the rights and liberties of the normal individuals are whining mightily about the release. As always "officer safety" comes first in their "minds", long before any such trivial (to them) thing as the absolute right to be left alone to live your life as you see fit until you initiate force, fraud, or theft.

Should he voluntarily return to captivity after the funeral? That is a call only he can make, since any agreement he made with his kidnappers is null and void on grounds that it isn't truly consensual.

What happens when you don't pay your 'protection money'?

What happens when you don't pay your 'protection money'?

An Albuquerque-area couple has allowed themselves to be abused and stolen from by a gang of thieves as retribution for the uppity act of attempting to keep their own property rather than handing it over to the thieves who demanded it. They "pleaded guilty to tax evasion". I'm sure when staring down the gun barrels of The State it seemed like the only option open to them, but it is a real shame to give in to bad guys, no matter what silly hat they wear.

There is nothing wrong with "tax evasion" unless it is also wrong to hide money in your shoe so the mugger in the alley won't take it. They may have done so, but they are by no means "guilty" since there is no guilt associated with a right and proper course of action when faced with coercion.

The "judge" also made sure to threaten the couple to continue to pay their protection money "or else". How can anyone think the tax racket is anything other than mob-style theft?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't talk to cops, not even now

Don't talk to cops, not even now

What happens if your neighbors are found dead in their home, and LEOs want to interview everyone in the neighborhood? It's a scenario playing out in Albuquerque now.

If you refuse to speak to cops you will look guilty and suspicious. If you decide this is a good time to visit out-of-town relatives- same thing.

It is a really bad idea to speak to cops under any circumstances, but refusing to speak will throw up a red flag, and I'd bet refusing to speak without your lawyer present will put you on a list for future scrutiny and harassment. However, it is a possibility that is worth the risk.

Your immediate cooperation can't bring the dead back to life. It is doubtful it would even prevent a future attack, because preventing attacks is not the goal of the enforcers or their handlers. The proof is all around you. The best preventative solution, individual self defense, is "discouraged" by The Law, and practitioners are singled out for punishment more severe than many aggressors face.

Prevention is probably the best solution, but not everything can be prevented. Watch out for your neighbors (while minding your own business) and be aware of what is going on around you. And Don't Talk to Cops.

**In case you missed the link above, here it is again:

Child porn conviction exposes flaws in the system

Child porn conviction exposes flaws in the system

An Albuquerque man has been sentenced to 15 years in jail, and a lifetime of continual punishment, for having child porn. There is no indication he was the predator who was responsible for actually producing the images (if they actually depict real children rather than cartoon characters The Law interprets as "children"). Just that he had them and attempted to forward them.

Child pornography offends me deeply and is absolutely disgusting. However, this man was previously convicted on charges of an "attempt to commit criminal sexual penetration and criminal sexual contact of a minor". Yet, there is no indication that he made such an attempt during his possession of the child porn. (If he did then the investigators who were watching him for the past year+ are guilty of allowing him to do harm on their watch.) The reality is that study after study, in countries around the globe, show that such images provide an outlet and make a person less likely to actually prey on innocent people (despite punishment industry claims to the contrary).

The fact that he wasn't already registered as a sex offender after his previous convictions shows, once again, that the system doesn't work.

Perhaps he really is a bad guy; I certainly wouldn't trust my children around him. Yet mere possession of anything can never be a real crime. The person who made the photos and videos of children is the real aggressor here. Not some guy way on down the line. Whether there are "consumers" for such will never impact whether the images are made or not, since I highly doubt that's even a major part of the motivation for making them.

It is your job as a parent to know where your kids are, and who is with them. "Laws" will never replace you and you can never shirk your responsibility and expect others to do it for you. This makes me think of the parents who let their kids spend the night with a certain plastic surgery-addicted, and openly odd, celebrity, and were then "shocked" that questionable things may have happened during the sleepovers.

For a deeper look at, and libertarian solutions to, this and many other issues, get my book "Problem? Solved!".

(Examiner has given their writers an opportunity to make more money for the next few weeks by writing more articles, so I'm going to be grasping for topics. Excuse me if quality suffers as I strive for quantity.)

Letting the fox design the henhouse

Letting the fox design the henhouse

To allow politicians, bureaucrats, and enforcement thugs (whether in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Washington DC) to control the ownership and features of guns makes as much sense as allowing mosquitoes to control the deployment and voltage of bug zappers. Or to allow flies to have control over possession, use, and design of fly swatters. Or to allow rats to control the formulation and use of rat poison. They will always attempt to make the potentially helpful things as useless against attackers, and as dangerous to the user, as possible.

Safety features like suppressors ("silencers") and barrel shrouds are misunderstood, feared, and hated, and therefore either regulated or misrepresented to an ignorant public. Of course those who hate guns (and by extension, gun owners) would prefer that we go deaf from shooting and burn ourselves on hot barrels. Accept it or not, they'd also prefer you shot yourself, despite their condescending lies to the contrary. Notice how gleefully they dance in the blood (while trying to look pensive and sincere) and position for a microphone as soon as any gun-related tragedy, whether an accident or an attack, occurs.

Guns are designed as tools to protect you from those who would do you harm. If you are a good person then those who would do you harm are the bad guys. It doesn't matter if they claim to have "authority" or are just freelance thugs. Of course they want to be protected from your righteous self-defense. That is why they advocate "laws" regulating or licensing your guns. They want to be able to harm you without facing the justifiable consequences of their actions. There are no exceptions to this fact.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Helping the suicidal- cop style

Helping the suicidal- cop style

A 19 year-old "disturbed" man, who had apparently cut his wrists in a suicide attempt, was shot by a LEO in Albuquerque Tuesday morning. (Way to help an injured person there, Officer Kelly.)

So, maybe it really was a self-defense shooting. The man is said to have had a knife, after all, and we all know the foolishness of bringing a knife to a gun fight (or into a situation that could become a gun fight). In today's police state, any encounter with a cop is a potentially deadly encounter and can get out of control quickly. Cops are wound tight, possess an "us vs. them" mindset from the time they decide they want a badge, and anyone they approach is immediately and with good cause stricken with "fight or flight", either of which is a green light for a cop to shoot you without a second thought.

I'm guessing that bus stations have security cameras that could show whether the shot man actually "charged" the cops, as he is "said to have" done. Those tapes should be made public immediately. Then let us each judge the appropriateness of the shooting for ourselves rather than relying on empty assurances from the APD's spokescritter..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A problem with authority

A problem with authority

'Authority' has had its meaning perverted. I have had people tell me that I have "a problem with authority". Nothing could be farther from the truth. I only have a problem with, a disgust for, counterfeit "authority". An empty "authority" that must rely on coercion to be maintained. When I run into real authority I defer to it. When I encounter false authority, I may not be spitting on the outside, but inside... I am spitting in its face.

True authority is the same as expertise. For years I tried to make fire with the bow drill. I followed directions in books. I spent hours, weeks, and months practicing. I made a lot of smoke and dust and blisters and bruises, but never one single fire. I could start fire easily with flint and steel, so it wasn't that I was helpless without matches and gasoline (like my dad is).

Then one day at a mountainman rendezvous, I heard that a man was giving a demonstration of starting a fire with the bow drill. I went and watched and listened as this man, this authority, started a couple of fires and helped a couple volunteers with their technique as well. When I left his presence I knew how it was done and I knew I could do it. I didn't even have to make the attempt to know. But, I soon did attempt the task anyway. I had a fire going in just a few minutes- from scratch to finish; sticks and cord to crackling flames. I was satisfied at my success, but not surprised.

This man was an authority and he had authority. He didn't need to force anyone to behave as though he were an authority. There was no coercion and no implied threat. You knew he had authority by his actions and his expertise and his results. If he told you that you were doing it wrong, you would be wise to listen, yet he would have let you try your own way if you refused to follow his suggestions. Your success or failure was no threat to his authority. I have now started hundreds (or thousands) of fires in this way, and taught the skill to others, all thanks to one true authority.

Cops, politicians, bureaucrats, and other so-called "authorities" can't compete in the real world, without the governments they cultivate and inhabit in Albuquerque and beyond, so they use threats and aggression to enforce their false "authority" on their victims. It shows them to be pathetic losers who try to claim that which is not theirs to claim.

Read more about Maturity and Authority.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wise up, people

Wise up, people

LEOs responded to a "domestic violence" call in rural Tome (south of Albuquerque) and ended up getting inside the house (foolishly "invited"?) and then decided they "smelled marijuana growing", got a "search warrant" rubber-stamped by a complicit judge (or more likely pulled a pre-stamped one from the stack they had handy), and they then found a cannabis growing operation in the house.

If you choose to do anything the government forbids, you would be wise to not do anything wrong. In other words, if you are non-coercively growing plants that can get you kidnapped or killed by "the law", don't initiate force against your significant other. In many cases it would even be foolish to fight back if attacked. Many "significant others" have no scruples at all and will call LEOs on you as an act of revenge for some imagined slight, especially if they can attack you and then get you to fight back. I'm not saying this is necessarily what happened in this instance, just keep it in mind.

Don't attract attention, and try to avoid doing anything that might get dishonorable people to report you to The State for upsetting them. Yes, it is stupid that you must live this way, but it is the reality of the police state we live in. Accept it.

And never, ever, imagine that calling the cops is going to end in anything other than disaster for you personally, no matter what someone else has done to you.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Money matters

I want about $1500 for something totally trivial.

At least it is only a fraction of what I needed for my coins. It still seems completely unrealistically out of reach. Since I basically have no income I would need to sell some items to raise the cash. That's when reality punches me in the face. I own nothing that is worth anything other than the few things I won't part with.

In my fantasies I dream of selling enough of my books to pay for stuff I want or need, but that ain't happening. Or, if I could get several thousand page views on my Examiner columns every day for a while, that might work. (Unless Examiner decided to change the rules if my page views got too high.) That seems as unlikely as selling hundreds of my books in the next few weeks.

So, what else could I sell...

Let's see, I have my dog tag stamping machine that cost me around $900 new. And I rarely use it anymore since I am out of the pet business. I could sell that, plus all the blank tags and stuff, but I'm not sure how much that would get. Plus, since it weighs between 40 and 50 pounds (not counting accessories), shipping would be a pain.

I could probably afford to part with some of my beloved hats, but that would kinda hurt and I doubt it would raise much money. Not everyone loves hats like I do.

I already auctioned off most of my original artwork a few years ago, and I haven't done any more recently.

I have odds and ends like an old mountain bike, lots of kerosene lanterns, and "junque". I doubt if it would add up to anything even if I sold it all.

Maybe I could offer services instead.

I doubt prostitution would be very profitable for me. A shame, that. Plus, girls would never pay for what they can all get for free anytime the notion crosses their mind.

I could give lessons in primitive survival techniques if someone has land that would work for the purpose.

I excel at sharpening knives by hand (no power grinders or anything so fast and damaging). I never charged enough to make it worth the effort, though.

My sharpest skills aren't very marketable. I'm good at sitting around and thinking/daydreaming. Oh, and I can wander aimlessly around wild places for days.

My best bet is to talk myself out of wanting what I want.

ABQ cop fired, may face charges in shooting

ABQ cop fired, may face charges in shooting

In a follow-up to a previous column, the Albuquerque LEO who shot a burglary suspect late last year, and who had the unfortunate experience of the bullet wounds apparently not agreeing with the official story, has been fired. My previous thoughts are on record here.

This is one of those extremely rare, and getting even more so, cases where a LEO is found to have not followed departmental guidelines and actually suffers some consequences after a shooting. I admit I thought this never happened anymore. I am pleasantly surprised to be wrong. It happens so rarely. (I'm joking! Give me a break!)

Now, the question remains, if you or I shot someone, would it take almost a year to decide whether it was a justifiable shooting, and if not, to press charges? Would we simply be fired from our job?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Public Education Commission opposes education in New Mexico

Public Education Commission opposes education in New Mexico

Need yet another reason to get The State out of the business of schooling? The state's Public Education Commission has denied applications for six (out of eight) charter schools during their most recent meeting. The commission, along with the Orwellian "Education Department", has struck a blow against education and for the status quo.

Charter schools are not the best answer, obviously (since they still accept stolen money and are subject to government oversight), but they are one facet of the solution to the disaster of "public education". One that doesn't go near far enough, but can be a good first step for those still somewhat addicted to the government indoctrination centers called "schools". A way to begin to see that there are better options that can break the monopoly in some small way.

Any charter school that admitted it would emphasize independence, self-government, and critical thinking- especially where the claims of the parasitic governing class are concerned- wouldn't stand a chance of being accepted. Not that those likely to establish such a school would go seeking official permission or handouts. I'd also be willing to bet that those approved are promising to produce the kind of citizens most useful to, and accepting of, the gang of thugs known as "government". Of the two charter schools approved in the meeting, one is to be in Albuquerque: The New Mexico International School. Doesn't that sound like just what the collectivists envision for us all?

Here's an alternative suggestion and an offer: come to me, offer a little money or trade for my time and materials, and we can have our own School of Individual Liberty right in my yard.

Gubernatorial candidate Martinez confused about what a 'law' is

Gubernatorial candidate Martinez confused about what a 'law' is

In Albuquerque news: Susana Martinez is showing her ignorance again. The Republican candidate for New Mexico tyrant... er, "governor", says she would repeal the medical marijuana law because "She feels that there are other treatments for patients in need of care that do not break the law." Hey, Genius, because of the current medical marijuana law, it is NOT "breaking the law" to use medical marijuana. That's the whole point of having that particular law. And, according to the Tenth Amendment, state laws trump federal laws every time they deal with something not specifically authorized to the feds by the Constitution (RIP). Like it or not.

This doesn't mean that the state "laws" prohibiting a mere plant to the rest of the people not covered by the medical marijuana law are legitimate, they are not. No one has the right or the authority to control what any other person ingests. Not ever, under any circumstances.

This is getting embarrassing for poor Susana.

As much as I dislike Diane Denish (and I assure you, that's a LOT), at least she isn't opening her mouth as frequently and showing what a fool she is to quite the extent Martinez is lately. I expect that to change soon.

* * * *

Which leads to another lesson in libertarian philosophy.

The people who don't believe rights really exist- that you only have the rights you are willing to fight and kill to assert, and that no one else has any obligation to respect those rights- may have a point. Perhaps rights are all in our minds and are simply a social construct.

Maybe you don't really have property rights that others should respect, and that you can defend if they are violated.

Maybe you don't really have the right to not be attacked, and if you are, to defend yourself from that aggression.

If this is truly the case, how would it change anything?

If you have no rights, then neither do those who claim the right or the authority to control you. Perhaps the true nature of rights really comes down to negatives. Things you do not ever have a right to do. Things such as using coercion against non-violent people. Things such as requiring permits from people just wanting to go about their lives. Things such as forbidding behavior between responsible individuals which harms no third party. Things such as telling any other person what they may ingest, and attacking them if they ignore your demands. This is all a roundabout way of saying there is no right, ever, to rule any other person.

Which leads back to the exact same destination from the opposite direction. This causes me to think, once again, that rights are real, and that we already know what they are, and what they are not.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Martinez misses the point yet again

Martinez misses the point yet again

Goobernut-orial candidate Susana Martinez is trying hard to "out-socialist" Diane Denish, the other socialist candidate for the office. Are Albuquerque voters buying the rotten goods these politicians are selling? I suppose we shall see soon enough.

Rather than facing the fact that "public schools" are not geared toward education, but toward indoctrinating the young inmates into socialism and conformity, Martinez proposes making school an even more unpleasant experience for the captives by imposing more tests (that will still be "gamed" in some way as soon as they are implemented).

If education is really the goal, and knowledge (and how to acquire it) is the path toward that goal, then it is imperative to get government out of the schooling business completely. Education is MUCH too important to let government be involved in any way.

If voting is such a good idea, of which I am not convinced, why not get candidates who actually have different perspectives rather than the same old business-as-usual collectivism that is rampant? A false choice between Socialist/fascist candidate A and Socialist/fascist candidate B gets tiresome very quickly, if you allow yourself to see beyond the empty rhetoric. But, of course, government-controlled schooling is necessary to keep people blind to the truth and ignorant of the alternatives. It's a safe system for tyrants and those with ambition to become one.

No drivers licenses for 'illegals' (or anyone else)!

No drivers licenses for 'illegals' (or anyone else)!

Idiot politicians are expressing their vapid opinions yet again. This time the debate is over whether "illegal immigrants" (sic) should be granted driver's licenses.

Goobernut-orial candidates Diane Denish and Susana Martinez are completely missing the point as they try really hard to say what they think voters want to hear. Albuquerque voters may be misguided, but are they really this stupid?

No, "illegals" (sic) should not be granted driver's licenses, and neither should anyone else. Driving, as a form of travel, is a basic human right, and is also protected from government interference by the 9th Amendment. It is not subject to approval from anyone. It is not subject to "licensing". For The State to pretend it has authority to decide who is allowed to travel by the predominate modern mode of transportation is disgusting and evil.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Rescuing the innocent without harming them more

Rescuing the innocent without harming them more

An Albuquerque woman has been "arrested" because cops came into her home for a "welfare check" and discovered her baby caked in dried feces and with a used baby wipe stuffed in his mouth. Another candidate for ABQ Parent of the Year. But what's the solution?

Let's discount right away the sick notion that it is OK to have a group of people, paid with stolen money, who are authorized to enter private property and check up on people's activities. Because it is not "OK" under any circumstances using any justification.

Without an "official system" to regulate and punish abusive or neglectful parents people would have no excuse to not pay attention. It couldn't be claimed that it is "someone else's job" anymore. If you know of a situation like this next door or across town, it becomes your responsibility to take action to help the innocent, or to find someone who will.

Imprisoning the mother doesn't help the child in any way. Neither do "fines". It doesn't protect the next victim from a similar event. It only empowers The State.

In a free society tragedies will still occur, just as they do in our current police state. Yet, individuals would still be able to intervene when they see an innocent person in trouble- without government. They just won't have badges unless they buy one- but then the badge will have no official standing and no "sovereign immunity"- if they cause harm or step beyond their boundaries while intervening; they are fully accountable. No kicking in doors, beating the residents or shooting them and their dogs, then being excused by The State as "following department guidelines". In the long run, liberty will result in less tragedy and less harm to the innocent than The State.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

ABQ company ordered to violate rights of its customers, or else

ABQ company ordered to violate rights of its customers, or else

A major apartment management company has been threatened by the federal government and told it must ignore state "law" and obey federal "law" instead. All "laws" are balderdash, of course, but in this case the state "law" is slightly less evil than the federal "law".

At issue are the state's medical marijuana "laws" versus the federal War on (some) Drugs/"jobs for idiots" program. The management company, because it accepts federal (sic) housing money, has been told it must follow federal edicts which falsely and bizzarely, contrary to scientific evidence, claim marijuana has no medicinal value. I understand the problems with accepting government handouts- a principled business owner would simply refuse to be bought- but with mass-housing (as with mass-transit), federally-doled money is a reality that isn't going away soon.

Absent the federal coercion the management company would be free to set its own policy. It would be within the owner's rights to kick people out for possessing marijuana, but it would still be wrong. Not everything you have a right to do is the right thing to do. This would be one of those cases.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A graphic demonstration of authoritarianism

A graphic demonstration of authoritarianism

A man got so upset over a crying 2 year-old on an Albuquerque city bus that he sliced the kid's mom's friend with a knife. He demanded that the mom make the kid stop crying. As if one person is responsible for and can control the actions of another. Then, when the mom did take the only non-coercive path open to her (got off the bus before her stop), the aggressor couldn't just let her go, but got off as well in order to attack. Then, in a classic example of "mission creep", he used his knife to injure a third party who was not even the cause of his aggravation. This is the authoritarian mindset in action.

Every time someone advocates passing a new "law" to control non-coercive behavior they don't like they are following the same pattern as this aggressor. Every time their actions or "laws" injure a person who wasn't even directly engaging in the offending behavior they are guilty of the same thing as this attacker. Every time someone thinks people should be punished for offending them they are copying this thug's behavior to the letter.

This man should be held up as the new poster child of The State. Statists will never see themselves in him even as they continue to follow in his footsteps.