Monday, September 20, 2010

ABQ Cops, once again, show their true colors

ABQ Cops, once again, show their true colors

The reptilian brain of The State, in a gross display of ignorance and aggression, demands a "permit" from a man who was not only not harming anyone, but actually doing good. Then they kidnap him and threaten those around him who witnessed their unjustified attack. Fortunately he was recording the encounter with these gang members.

Michael Herrick was "arrested" by Albuquerque Police for giving food to the homeless without a "permit". What a dreadful act of aggression and terrorism! Right? Still think cops are the good guys?

Then, because he did not immediately bow down and obey their illegal orders, they "arrested" him on the bogus charge of "refusing to obey an officer" as well. Guess what, no one has an obligation to obey counterfeit orders that violate the law, as this order did. The LEOs may still kill you for your lack of obedience, so your actions, and their consequences, are your responsibility. However, by their actions, the cops show themselves to be the bad guys; the thugs with badges.

On top of all this punishment, the bad(ge) guys added the made-up charge of "inciting a riot". Funny, I never heard any news reports of this "riot" occurring. Maybe they imagined it.

The vermin in blue are your servants. Not your masters. Out-of-control servants should be fired. And, since the position leads invariably to this sort of abuse, replaced with nothing. How will they learn their place if we keep acting as though they have authority that they did not earn? If they want our respect, they had better start earning it. Now! This isn't the way for them to do that.

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