Sunday, September 19, 2010

ABQ Protestors: 'Keep sending us the stolen loot!'

ABQ Protestors: 'Keep sending us the stolen loot!'

Want a perfect demonstration of what happens when people discover they can live off the fruits of political theft (without the risk of personally facing their victims)? They act as though getting your money is a "right". A real right can never impose an obligation on anyone else. You have the absolute human right to own and to carry any kind of gun you want, but no one is obligated to give you that gun. You must build it yourself or trade for/buy it. The same goes for "health care" and a retirement allowance.

A group of protestors in Albuquerque were demanding, for the benefit of some pandering politicians who were in town, that "Federal Programs" not be cut. That's fine if they are offering their own money to keep those programs running rather than demanding that other people be stolen from. But that's not what they are advocating. And the candidates from Socialist Party B ("B" only because they are the ones supposedly out of power right now, not because they are any less committed to socialism than those in Socialist Part A) fall right into step by promising to protect the theft racket. How could the protestors have had any doubt?

It is stupid to bother wasting your time demanding that the politicians not cut federal welfare programs such as "Social Security", Medicare, or Medicaid. Those programs are what bribes "the majority" into leaving behind self-responsibility and embracing collectivism, to the continuing benefit of The State. As long as people are allowed to vote for thieves who will continue to promise to steal from their neighbors, those programs will never be in real jeopardy. Some people must just feel a need to be seen holding signs and shouting near politicians.

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