Saturday, September 18, 2010

'Concerned citizen' destroys woman's life for a pat on the head

'Concerned citizen' destroys woman's life for a pat on the head

"Concerned citizens" are enablers of authoritarianism. Nothing good ever comes from their meddling. They are spies for The State. They are like a virus that harms those they encounter; damaging civilization by their very presence. None of the worst tyrannies in history would have never gotten off the drawing board without complicit people like these useful idiots.

As proof, just look at the news of the teacher in Albuquerque who was arrested after a "concerned citizen" told police the teacher was growing marijuana. So what? It's a plant. I see no claim she was holding down students and forcing it down their throats. Yet The State wants her to force collectivism into young minds, and apparently this "concerned citizen" was OK with that. Which is worse in the long run? Certainly not the marijuana, that is for sure.

Trying to justify herself, where no justification is needed, the teacher claimed the marijuana was needed for health reasons. The "authorities" fired back that "they can't find any record that [she] has a medical marijuana license." Having a license or not is no indicator of whether a person needs to have marijuana for medical reasons. This is smoke and mirrors on the part of The State. An attempt to change the debate into something it was not.

Now the Albuquerque Public Schools are overreacting in several ways, acting like this is some sort of disaster caused by the teacher rather than by the stupid and evil War on (some) Drugs. They are providing councilors (using your money) in case any traumatized students "want to talk". Yeah, let the councilors explain to upset kids why a woman who is not even suspected of harming anyone has been kidnapped by a gang of thugs, and is now being persecuted by the kidnappers and will likely have her life destroyed. Not by the consequences of the drugs, but by the prohibition industry. That's an explanation we'd all like to hear.

Want to solve this "problem" and make sure nothing like this ever happens again? End the Drug War and get government OUT of the business of "schooling".

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