Monday, September 27, 2010

Government-sanctioned monkeys with guns?

Government-sanctioned monkeys with guns?

You may think I have been unnecessarily hard on the Albuquerque Police (and police in general) recently. Perhaps you assume I think it is impossible for a cop to do something good. You would be wrong.

Police may occasionally do the right thing, just as a blind monkey with a Tommygun, firing into a crowd, might accidentally shoot a bad guy. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to trust the monkey or give him the gun. And it is absolutely insane to give the monkey special authority or lightly excuse the monkey for the real harm his actions do.

We are all accountable and responsible for everything we do. A silly title or a badge doesn't lessen that responsibility, but intensifies it. LEOs must be held to a much higher standard of accountability than those of us who would actually be punished, severely, for making the same "mistakes" the average cop makes. At least until the "job" of "law enforcement" is relegated to the heap of civilization-endangering ideas from whence it came. Never forget the wrong they commit, and forgive only at your own peril. And never trust them.

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